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    I’ve seen some criticism about the shininess of the planes. I have to say that I like it and I appreciate the developer’s effort in this area. In previous editions the aircraft textures looked exactly like a glossy magazine cover and did not look real at all. This is a big step in the right direction and while it may not be perfect, the planes look much better and I am thankful to IPACS for this!

    *Side note: I’m also please to have many more areas of the world that have higher resolution scenery. I generally have stuck to flying in England, California, and Switzerland in the past because blurry textures totally ruin the immersion for me. I’m so grateful to have more places to fly that look so much better!

    Aerofly 2023 is a huge step up! Thank you IPACS!

    Overloaded thanks again. I’m having fun using the actual autopilot in the cockpit rather than the copilot. It sure adds to the immersion and realism to push buttons and turn dials. I’m no expert but you’ve steered me in the right direction! I want to learn more about the navigation systems in all these aircraft!

    Thanks but can you tell me why the copilot doesn’t follow the route? In the flight planning guide it tells you that you can have your copilot follow the route. That’s my question and point… it doesn’t. Or didn’t in the example I gave. It kept trying to climb to 38,000 when we were almost over the English coast and less than 100nm from Heathrow. The green flight route was descending quickly beneath the plane thousands of feet below.

    Do you mean the in game ‘co-pilot’ or do you want a few tips on using the autopilot and planning the trip? The ‘co-pilot’ is pretty stupid🤪

    If there is a difference then yes! I thought the co-pilot button was for autopilot. So it seems I either don’t set a route in navigation then I can control copilot… but then I’m having to check the map all the time - or I set a navigator route and the plane doesn’t follow the green box road in the sky. So then I have to turn off copilot. Again, I thought they were one and the same. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

    I just flew the CRJ from Amsterdam to London Heathrow. I set my navigation by making Amsterdam my origin and Heathrow my destination. It plotted a route and had me reaching the top of my cruise at 38,000 feet. After takeoff I activated the auto pilot and it immediately put me into a steep climb that took me way above the green markers. The plane did eventually get near the 38,000 feet but it did not get to it. It was about 800 feet short when I passed where the plane should start descending. The plane wouldn’t descend. It stayed at about a 1400 fpm climb struggling to get to 38,000 feet while the green boxes descended quickly below me. I eventually had to turn the auto pilot off to get down to the right height. Am I doing something wrong? Also… Is there a way to set the maximum height of your cruise? For example could I have modified the 38,000 foot top and made it 28,000?

    It just seems at a lot of time when you have navigation set and you turn on autopilot it does not stay with the green marker path.

    I thought navigation was as simple as doing your origin and destination and adding any waypoints you want. Maybe I’m missing something and it’s more complicated than that. Thank you for any help that any of you can provide.

    Why can’t the graphics be adjusted based on the system like on a Personal Computer. Cannot the graphics be adjusted based on the mobile device!?

    I love this simulator, but more than anything, the biggest improvement they could make would be to have ground textures at the same resolution everywhere the scenery is available. When you look down and see a border between more blurry textures and more clear, or the boxes along the coastlines, it REALLY takes away significant realism and immersion. I know it is to save space on all of our devices, but it really does bother me. I LOVE flying in England, Switzerland, and Ireland because most of those areas a clear and look AMAZING. I avoid Spain, Italy, and definitely Scandinavia because of the more blurry textures. Even the eastern Alps aren’t as clear and it takes away from the experience.

    I love it and they have picked a very good part of the US to fly in. However I think that Oregon and Washington would be the very best to have. Those to in high resolution would be incredible. In my dream world they add Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. I seriously wouldn’t want anything else after that.

    It’s a nice feature to have though. I also love how you get credit for the time you controlled the flight and not the time skipped. If you are running out of time and want to speed up the flight you can.

    This is a long post but I hope everyone will read and add to it in the comments. I know that I have posted many questions, concerns, wishes, and criticisms and I read hundreds of them on this forum. Some people complain about every little thing that isn’t exactly accurate. So I just felt compelled to start a thread of praise and gratitude for the developers of this amazing simulator.

    I have a very stressful job. I love flying and I have always been an aviation enthusiast. My dad was a private pilot. I also love to travel. So Aerofly is my escape. It is my stress relief. I will never pilot a real plane myself. I may not ever travel to Switzerland or England. But I can fly there on nights and weekends or even during a lunch break. I can soar over mountains and through and around clouds. I can do so in an amazing variety of airplanes. I can immerse myself in highly detailed cockpits and look out the window as if I am a passenger. I can relive taking off in a Cessna 172 just like I did with my dad when I was a kid. This simulator relieves my stress. It is my escape.

    I think back to flying Microsoft Flight Simulator back in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. This game is SO FAR beyond any simulator I’ve enjoyed prior and it is on a MOBILE DEVICE WITHOUT INTERNET. I can fly sitting anywhere I have my device. I don’t have to be home on my computer or console.

    The developers do a great job communicating here and seeking input. They want to fix issues. They want the community to enjoy this simulator to the maximum level possible.

    So thank you developers!! I am so grateful to have this escape and passion in the palm of my hands wherever I go. Is it perfect and have everything I want? No. But I want us all to take a moment to appreciate this INCREDIBLE simulator and the hard working people who make it possible.

    So… what is your favorite thing about Aerofly? What does it have that makes you most grateful? Let’s take a moment to tell the developers our favorite thing they created or made possible for us.

    For me… I love having cumulus clouds at the altitude of the peaks all around the high resolution of the Swiss Alps. Those mountains and glaciers are stunning and flying through holes in the clouds and revealing the next mountain panorama is my favorite.