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    DICE: Please read Jan's answer carefully. Getting the 'same' amount of buildings and trees in the mobile version is currently not possible due to memory and performance restrictions. It doesn't mean there won't be buildings.

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) No one wants so many buildings, you won't, and I won't, so you need to emphasize the relevance of 120g data. Did someone mention that the mobile terminal needs all the data of the PC? Please point it out?

    admin Dear Mr. founder, I understand your idea. It's concise and easy to understand, and it points to the core of the problem. Don't let people mention that mobile players need 120g data anymore. I know the performance of my device

    Aerofly FS 4 files are not compatible with the mobile version and any attempt of copying them over can result in crashes. There is no SDK for mobile and because the mobile version performance needs to be carefully adjusted and is a fine balance we think offering an SDK for mobile would result in many crashes and many crash reports sent to us that we have to deal with which takes away development time for other features. If you want to create your own sceneries please do that on Aerofly FS 4.

    We're already on the edge of what is possible on current mobile hardware. Airports can be updated with more lights in the future but I don't expect there to be as many buildings as on PC in the near future. Almost nobody wants a 120GB+ app anyway.

    Wait, are you sure you won't update buildings on the mobile terminal in Europe? Or do you plan to leave Europe so bare forever? If you plan to do so, 2022 will be my last game. So, some people waited for half a year, and you told them that you won't make it? Haha, big joke

    Eduardo190: In Aerofly FS the lighting has an effect on all objects including the airplane itself and also works during daylight to achieve the best visual effects. Aerofly FS on mobile can support around 512 simultaneous lights either from the airplane or the airport. This fact together with the fact that complex airplanes in Aerofly FS feature over 300000 polygons require some very complex shaders ( Some of our shaders feature more than 150 lines of code ). It's those shaders that are not being executed or compiled properly on Android, and to repeat it again, no matter how powerful your device is, it's a GPU driver issue. And like stated before, we are still working on it, so we might find a solution for Android some day.

    Please keep in mind that other products simulate certain lighting effects in a simplified manner. This could in theory be added to Aerofly FS as well, but it would actually slow down development as we would have to implement those special solutions on the different platforms. That's why we have decided against it.

    I think it's hard for you to find the right balance. Most low-end phones support OpenGL, while high-end phones also use Vulkan. The most important thing is that whether Vulkan or OpenGL, their functionality is not comprehensive. I can't think of any solution.

    That is what air traffic controllers see, they don't just float in mid-air and enjoy the 360-degree view. I think it is purposely done.

    Let's zoom in a little bit more, so you still think this is intentional? Isn't the 360 panoramic lens better than this?