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    Greetings Jan

    A wish you all the best for 2022! My response is as follows:

    1. The Aerofly FS 2 I installed, is a CD set we purchased in South Africa in December 2021.

    2. On the Aerofly FS 2 Simulator Properties, it states that there are no previous versions. So I assume it is the original version done in 2017.

    3. Since I installed this software, I have not done any updates.

    4. Is it possible for you to direct me as to where I can find the updates? Which of the updates would you recommend that I install?

    Thank you for your assistance so far! Much appreciated.



    Hi Jan

    May I have your indulgence for a little while longer. I followed the steps below but still could not find the options to select taxi, start or cold and dark startup:

    1. Location: San Francisco.

    2. Aircraft: Cessna 172 SP.

    3. Zoomed in on runway map showing green, yellow and white aircraft symbols.

    4. I clicked on the white aircraft parked left of runway 02L.

    5. This took me back to the main menu for Start, Flight school, Aircraft, etc.

    6. I clicked on the "Start" button. This showed the aircraft on the apron with the engine running. I had to apply the parking brake to stop the aircraft moving forward.

    I am not certain if I have missed something here but could not find the options for cold start, etc.

    Are you able to assist me?

    Kind regards