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    dear Jet-Pack (IPACS)  admin, I downloaded some airports for Aerofly2 of pc and put it on Aerofly FS2022 files and it worked, but just in US northeastern all the airports have all the charts of departure and arrival, this is some easter egg of US northeastern in Aerofly FS23?

    See that! Is totaly possible track a route in US Northeastern

    Do you really have the New York airport? wow upload images please 🙏

    It's not impossible just takes a lot of re-programming work and we have to revert to older rendering methods that are not as efficient and modern as the one we currently use. Eduardo, we said that lights that illuminate the ground were not possible on Android before the first version was ever made public.

    then they intend to add low quality lights for Android devices?I don't know what they see with the quality they see on iOS devices?

    Can you make a survey or research about what kind of device (processor) most android users have, Is there a big difference between Qualcomm snapdragon and MediaTek architecture rendering methods?

    forget about having lights on Android... other games have lights but on aerofly it's impossible, and the developer's response was clear... no hope of having lights on Android... too bad I paid for aerofly 2022 on two different powerful devices of Android, they should have been more honest and said that Android would not have lights, we pay the same amount of money as iOS users and if they are having those benefits, they should have given a much lower price for aerofly 2022 Android version

    After the new update this morning I can't set EDDB as origin or destination on nav page. I tried to set it manually in FMC and its making the unit buggy.

    Also the green outline is coming up like I have a controller connected in game. It then transfers to main menu after.

    I've tried restarting phone but this problem still persists.

    same problem bro... I can't put that origin or destination airport

    By the way, I suspect the same with iOS (a redownload between beta to officially or regions update, I don’t remember).

    Total space is 26 Gb instead of something like 20 Gb

    how did you remove those two extra files from the regions of usa bro? where can i see the total gb used in aerofly bro

    the new update aerofly 2022 made me download the usa regions again, occupying almost 5 gb more space on my phone, I have plenty of space but I don't like seeing it doubled a copy of the same region, are they the same regions or does that download bring something new and if not .. how can I delete those DLC files please some administrator of this forum that can help me

    I just flew the CRJ from Amsterdam to London Heathrow. I set my navigation by making Amsterdam my origin and Heathrow my destination. It plotted a route and had me reaching the top of my cruise at 38,000 feet. After takeoff I activated the auto pilot and it immediately put me into a steep climb that took me way above the green markers. The plane did eventually get near the 38,000 feet but it did not get to it. It was about 800 feet short when I passed where the plane should start descending. The plane wouldn’t descend. It stayed at about a 1400 fpm climb struggling to get to 38,000 feet while the green boxes descended quickly below me. I eventually had to turn the auto pilot off to get down to the right height. Am I doing something wrong? Also… Is there a way to set the maximum height of your cruise? For example could I have modified the 38,000 foot top and made it 28,000?

    It just seems at a lot of time when you have navigation set and you turn on autopilot it does not stay with the green marker path.

    I thought navigation was as simple as doing your origin and destination and adding any waypoints you want. Maybe I’m missing something and it’s more complicated than that. Thank you for any help that any of you can provide.

    it is true it is very annoying to fly at 38 thousand feet... even if it is short flights the autopilot and the co-pilot force you to fly at that height it is extremely annoying

    We already have many Boeing aircraft, the ideal would be a regional one and my two candidates would be Airbus A220 and the Embraer E195. We need another small turboprop aircraft for IFR Travel, for example a TBM 930 or a Piper Tomahawk or Bercraft Bonanza. a medium regional aircraft reaches an ATR 72 would be magnificent and a long-range wide-body aircraft would be amazing an Airbus 350 or an Airbus a330

    Really hoping for Oregon and Washington. It would be a beautiful place to fly with a great variety of scenery. I would love to fly Seattle to LA and SFO. I would pay $20 for Washington and Oregon if it was good quality! Thank you for the update! Communication with the community is so appreciated!

    I would also pay that amount of money for those regions but with good quality... Hd landscapes and 3D buildings

    a question for the developers... how is it possible that the lighting is so complicated, a simple arcade game like RFS has incredible lighting, it's realistic and it looks great....

    so in conclusion, it will come or it won't come in that update that they plan to make in the short term, lighting in Android... many of us are already bored of flying in the dark