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    As for system requirements on iOS: They are slightly higher than FS 2021, e.g. especially the memory footprint is higher and the CPU is doing more work. An iPhone SE ( version 1 ) might no longer be a good solution, the current iPhone SE however is just fine. All new and currently available iPhone devices are just fine also, e.g. iPhone 12/13. Also all new and currently available iPad devices are just fine. Expect more performance optimizations once we get more user feedback in certain scenarios.

    Some airports are very detailed, for example Frankfurt, so this might be a little too much detail for some devices.

    Will 6 GB RAM work fine?

    If we wanted the perfect Mobil flight sim. We would still be waiting. We’re getting there step by step. Personally, I want better all round scenery. I love looking out of the window when I fly. I’ve even looked for my house and other familiar landmarks. Sometimes, I will even go to Google Earth, to see what it is like. When I have that. I will be very happy.

    I fully agree. The graphics we have right now are pretty good tho. I dont know if it can be any better for mobile before its too much for a device too handle.

    The question is will there be fully working ground services in the upcoming aerofly fs 2022? This would make the realism way better for full flights plus we really need a pushbacksystem that works.