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    i have often experienced in Level-D simulators, that manually changing the thrust setting is always followed by a pitch up/down momentum e.g on approach (above all the 747). i can hardly see this characteristic on the jet aircraft in aerofly. i know it‘s difficult to objectify. Any thoughts?

    regards, Timo

    German is like a gibberish language

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    Rather than have fast forward here, I’d love autopilot on/off button or even be able to customise this to preference —


    good idea!

    i would also prefer buttons for A/P AND A/T (A/THR for airbus) instead of time skip, so that you don‘t have to pan and zoom around on final approach to disengage A/P and A/T. in real life these buttons are also intuitively there where you have your hands at the side of the levers and next to your thumb on the yoke or sidestick.

    regards, Timo

    …as most members here aren‘t allowed to drink beer yet, they won‘t understand the metaphor, hehe…

    (i‘m really sorry for the cynicism)

    seriously, i love your words and i will link this post next time whenever i read „please make airfield littleblablabla, because i learned flying there“

    5 stars for you :thumbup:

    regards, Timo

    Hi developer, i hope you can fixed this problems because the runway 36 is very strangeness so hope you can add the runway number in next update. Thank you

    There is nothing to fix. There is no runway 36 in real life. There is only runway 18 used for takeoffs.

    regards, Timo

    PS: the only things to be fixed are the repositioning options for takeoff 36 and approach 18 and 36.


    I use the lovely 737 most of the time, it 100% needs audio idents.

    Every other sim does it but our dear friends in Tübingen prefer silliness like opening doors, My-My.

    Hmm, that's not fair. I think you forget that this is a simulator for less than 10 EUR. If you want perfect system depth with up-to-date navdata, you could buy AEROWINX PSX for 350 EUR or A3XXflightdeck for 450 EUR. Your mentioned nav idents don't make sense without the latest AIRAC cycle on an expensive subscription basis. Don't get me wrong, i understand that you also use aerofly e.g. for IFR-training (i wouldn't even need ANY outside or passenger view for that), but i think the main target group are gamers without any real world aviation experience.

    Regards, Timo

    i think it‘s just an arbitrary default setting. you can use flaps 10 or 20 for takeoff. depends on runway lenght, TOW, density alltitude etc. Flaps 10 provide a better acceleration, higher climb rate and earlier flap retraction, thereby improving fuel economy.

    regards, Timo

    The system depth, visuals, sounds and aerodynamics are simply amazing!!! and all that for a price under 10 EUR. Please consider the price of other simulators like aerowinx PSX (350,- EUR) or A3xxflightdeck (450,- EUR) (both also absolutely worth it).

    So they did a really good job!!!

    Regards, Timo

    Hello Jan,

    yes - I entered FL140 both on the INIT page of the MCDU and in the FCU altitude window (and pushed for managed mode) before takeoff. The bus also levelled off in FL140, before i made the time skip.

    The default setting on the INIT page was FL320, and after the time jump, there cruise flight level in the MCDU and FCU has been reset to FL320.

    regards, Timo

    PS: it's the same when i enter e.g. the recommended "OPT" FL180...

    Situation: iPhone 12mini; FS2022; A320; EDDM - EDDN; FCU FL140 managed mode; MCDU INIT page FL140

    when enroute between EDDM and EDDN in FL140, after pushing the "time skip" button, the aircraft skips a few miles and ends up in "open climb" and an new selected altitude of FL320.

    regards, Timo