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    Personally I fly the Swiss fleet. Is fly aerofly like a real airline and use Swiss, only fly out of zurich en Geneva en use there real routes and a/c so only the a320 and 777. So a not too long flight.

    LHR-JFK (or any west European city to eastern us)

    Poland to Tenerife.

    And from Zurich, you can go to Boston, Newark, JFK, and if your not that bothered to Washington although its a former Swiss route

    I use an iPad 7th gen. And I also have problems flying over the UK. Within the uk it works smooth and all but when I fly intercontinental from the us to Europe it always crashes when I reach the coast of the uk. Therefore I always route past England and it works fine, but a problem in the uk scenery is imminent.

    It says dynamic lighting is no longer available on “older” devices. But my ipad ran it like butter before the update. If this stays and no ground services our available. I don’t see any reason to stick with fs2023

    How can the reflections be a problem? The a/c look better then ever this year. A real plane is shiny to not mat.

    I sure hope 2023 as it was leaked for 2023 and was the main reason I bought aerofly 2023. For me keeping fs2023 is not worth it if there won’t be pushback.

    Well, yes technically I only have it for an hour or 9 but that’s about a full word day for me but I get it not 24 hours. And the bugs are in the a/c select menu, location menu, navigation menu. Oh and I can’t turn the black hawk ignition switch to ignition

    hello all,

    I've had a day now on fs2023 and its time to give you all a first impression. So is it buggy? Yes. Will ipacs solve this? Yes, its normal on a new very advanced mobile application. And then the looks. Oh wow did you guys at ipacs do your best the new plane textures are sooo much better and the scenery is beautiful, There are even shipping ports. And then a hot topic, pricing. So for me 20 bucks is quite substantial for a mobile sim. But i understand this pricing approach as the app price is lower and allows more people to try out aerofly. And yes i am not a fan of in-app purchases. But for me its worth it and it is needed to fund even more advancement in the aerofly series.

    So it is buggy at the moment but that will be resolved. And for me its a big Yes. Ipacs what a stunning job you have done.

    P.s quick tip:

    You can change a/c type by selecting a mission on a certain plane and then it selects it for free mode to. (If its a free plane)

    hello all i have downloaded the new 2023 but i can't seem to find neither operate any pushback as shown in the leaks. And i must say i am not a fan of the new pricing and the game is buggy on choosing a/c but that was resolved internally and will be fixed soon. For the rest really pleased with the new version and happy to see all the new scenery. Yet to pay for a/c packs until i am certain aerofly will be updated to run smooth without bugs.

    So, perfection? No. But oh my did I just realise how beautiful aerofly can be! From the stunning U.K scenery all The way to Zurich into a sunset approach with the 777. And yes it may not have all functions, lacking a bit in flight computers. But don’t forget how well Aerofly is made in comparison to all other mobile sims!

    All the feedback, but we shouldn’t forget how far the dev team has come, good job!