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    Fs2023 crashes at launch (black screen) about 850 msec after the blue screen shows up on my iPad Air 2, IPadOS 15.7.2

    Wouldn’t mind using this old iPad just for navigation maps and data.

    Tried re-install, re-launch .. with no luck :(

    One more thing... What gamepad?

    A DualSense (PS5), works on the iPad too. I use it with bluetooth but you can connect it with usb (it gives you two different profiles on AFS2, which is cool)

    The only problem is that some buttons aren't recognised by AFS2, I got a utility on the Mac app store that let me use these buttons anyway, but I would prefer that it's handled directly by AFS 2(4).

    I was hoping that it was almost the same place on the Mac version.

    I'm waiting for Aerofly FS 4 to see weather or not it is compiled for M1x SoC. Because on a computer without fan with the same chip than the iPad you have builduigs and so on... And if tomorrow Apple presents a new MacBook Air M2, I might preorder to change my old MacBook Pro!

    But with a computer, do you have to use a throttle device or something? Or not? How to use a throttle with a keyboard only? And how to use other Airbus commands?

    The M1 is really good enough, I'm flying the strike eagle on fifth av.(NY) @ match 2 on Ultra and AFS is using all 8 cores but only at 30% . The problem is the GPU (100%), I need to set AFS 2 to medium to see the GPU graph going down (in this "extreme"situation).

    I'm using a a gamepad(6 axes + a bunch of buttons), the keyboard and sometimes the mouse and it works great.

    I have also one of these "cheap" Logitech joystick, but I can do more things with the gamepad.

    I like the extended info view on the 12.7 ipad, but the airport distance is missing :(

    And while I’m here is there a way to have a plain green sky and background but keeping the 3d objects ?

    No visibility over Greenland kind of does the trick, but no airports, and white planes have a bad tendencies to become transparent :)

    Probably easier on the mac but I have all my editors on ipad.

    I’m on mac mini M1 16 gb and it works pretty well, but ultra in miami, new-york, SF is a bit too much.

    Btw how do you get the the frame rate and other stuff ?