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    I just bought AFS4 and I noticed that my refresh rate is stuck at 60HZ. In the graphics settings I changed my resolution to native and 240HZ. I tried forcing it via the Nivida panel and nothing happened. I tried restarting computer, Turing off steam overlay, and reinstalling the graphics driver. Not sure what to do and why it’s stuck at 60HZ despite being set to 240HZ.

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Because of the asymmetric propwash. Both propellers turn in the same direction which creates an asymmetric flow field. It needs rudder trim each time you change power.

    Attention to detail :) Any details like this in the new sim?

    Unless there is a way to disable the buttons then I can’t think of any other way of solving this issue. Because each detent acts as a button so I can’t calibrate the full axis without it kicking me out of the calibration.

    Have you calibrated your device? In the controller menu select the button with the cross hairs. When asked to move it to neutral make sure to move the throttle to the 50% position.

    Calibration becomes a problem because it says to press any mapped button when finished. Each detent acts as a button which doesn’t allow me to calibrate it properly.

    That should be fixed by now. Please try this: go to the controller settings, select the device at the bottom, the press the button in the top left that shows a white controller icon with a reset arrow. Press it and confirm the dialog asking you to reset the controller to default.

    Still not working on my end. I reset the controller settings, but when I go in game my detents are not in the right positions. I can’t even use my thrust reverser when I engage it.

    I think you can just send the one of the devs a copy of the purchase email, and they would be glad to help you out. I can’t think of any other reason this would happen other than downloading an APK off a website. But definitely show them proof.

    The fact that “bitching thread” is even being used on a flight sim forum is hilarious. Seriously we are not children. We all obviously want updates on the progress of ASF4, but due to the lack of response from the IPACS team we don’t have that. If you don’t like reading messages about people like me who want updates on a sim that was supposed to be released for the new year you can leave. I am surprised a moderator hasn’t said anything in this forum yet as it’s unprofessional, and makes IPACS look bad. There is a clear disconnect between the devs and the community for this flight sim, and ultimately will be the downfall for this platform. Without community there is no growth.

    I check back here often. I'm eagerly anticipating the next version. I'm cool with waiting. I know the team is hard at work. And I understand it's a small team at that. I will gladly support their efforts, despite feeling a bit frustrated at times. But many will not. And that brings me to my point. IPACS would greatly benefit if they focus some of their efforts on improving their marketing and communications. It would take 1 or 2 talented people. In my honest opinion, and no disrespect to the team, the lack of clear presentation of roadmaps and consistent dialogue with loyal fans through digital platforms and channels that are not tucked away from prime demos, is a tremendous detriment to what they're trying to achieve, that being maintaining loyalty and generating new interest for the sim. This to me is a clear weakness, where strength is almost as critical to a successful launch as the development of the sim itself. Many have turned their back for this very reason, and others will follow if it's more of the same. Again, communication is critical, as is transparency and a strong show of appreciation for the community that has helped the sim thrive for many years when not much was taking place. I'm not saying it to cause anger or offend, I'm saying it because I love the sim. They need to get better at this if Aerofly intends to stay relevant. The sim will always have a special place in my heart for what it does well in comparison to the competition. I hope for a bright future. I really do!

    I couldn’t of said this any better myself. Cudos to you for typing that up. Aerofly would benefit greatly if they do take your advice.