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    Kick the tyres and light the fires sort of pilots never seemed to hang around the old flying club too long😢

    I'm a casual simmer so it makes no difference to me if anything complex is added over and above what we already have per se, I have no control over whats added. The SIM is still simple enough to use and I would skip the things I don't choose to use if given that option. Fuel an weight being the current discussion.

    Well, fuel consumption, fuel weight and its influence on flight characteristics seem to be an important factor on long distance flights.

    And actually adding a feature does not have to make AFS more complicated for new users - but it can make it more challenging for advanced users. It just depends on how it is integrated.

    Agreed, but having the choice to use it should be left to user. Not like that other SIM. Its not something I'd use.

    Naw, release the brake, juice the throttle, lite the tires and go. lol 🤣

    All kidding aside, you can have realism, but does it always have to be...? Why not skip a few details and just enjoy simplicity without complication. I abhorred setting clouds, wind, fuel n' weight, camera speed everytime I wanted to fly with MSFS. It was a "PITA" everythime. I just want to fly with less tweaking, setting this that and the next thing. Cripes I don't even use the flight nav for Aero Fly. I take off manually, land manually, auto pilot (when I feel like it). I VFR, the moving map and a compass heading to navigate, thats it, nothing else. I have no issues flying point to point. Easy as pie. 😉 BUT....thats just me. Fly the bush pilot way....remembering the lay of the land and the geography to navigate.


    I’m curious why it’s been a decade since Aerofly was born but we still can’t see weight and fuel, such a basic and important system in flight.

    Its not needed IMO. Aero fly was meant to be less complicated for the end user and have the easy to use Ui, load up an fly SIM with realistic aircraft and flight dynamics. Its perfect the way it is thats why it stands above the rest in its own right. Less is more in this case. Look at the mess Microsobo has with its SIM. Their forums tell a thousand words, in their case more than a thousand words. Its basically eye candy with bugs. lol For me FS4, its fine the way it is. JMO. 😉

    Someone awhile back emailed me the file for the C152 from FS2 that had been converted to run on FS4. Could that same person re-email it back to me so I can have a C152 for FS4 I don't remember who it was but he was so gracious for doing that for me. Thank you whoever you were. Sorry I don't remember. 😔

    From the requests above it looks like IPACS is going to need Ai and a super computer to create all these aircraft. It could takes years if not decades of coding to finnish them all. Yikes ! I can't imagine how much coding there is for just 1 aircraft let alone all the user requests. Looks like the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will all have coding jobs in the family business for years to come lol 🤣

    Just a note: I want to thank @ jet-pack and @ Admin and everybody else for their advice and time to listen to my ramblings ("again") about video stuff. It seems everything is working good for now. If I need help I won't hesitate to ask here. Thank You very much folks. 😉👍

    Anecdote: I'm @ 60fps now 4k, buttery smooth. Panning left to right is butter smooth compared to 30fps. Oooops, I made a slight error in my assumptions. I realized what has been said umpteen times on the forum about 60fps, was and has been right all along as its working for everybody else. My bad. :(

    I think this is due to the graphics card. I also have an RTX 3060 and the image in general suddenly twitches, as if I had a sensor problem. I play on a PIMAX 8KX, among other things, and my cockpit constantly twitches, as if I were constantly re-centering myself. I also have this jerking outside of FS4 - I didn't have it with my old 2080ti. That's why I think the 3060 isn't that good for VR.

    Try 30 fps. When I watch the fps's (cntrl + f1), it's a constant 30 fps. For me no twitching in " Ultra" settings. So far that's my seet spot. :thumbup:

    Ok that didn't go well at all. I flipped on networking, flipped on Vulkan and Aero Fly froze on the "initializing screen". I waited and waited and I ctrl + alt + delete to close in the task manager...screen went black...error codes came up...two dialogue boxes appeared....and then my desk top came up. I reloaded Aero Fly...shut off networking...shut off Vulkan and all was back to normal (F-18 for a test flight). Ain't gonna do that again. It's working, not gonna break it. ;):thumbup:

    Just select Vulkan in Aerofly FS, nothing else has to be done.

    oh, its that easy. Hmm, I'll give it a try then, it can't hurt to try again after the new driver install. I'll try after I finnish my current flight from Rome to Frankfurt with the new 737 - 900 ER. :thumbup:;)

    I appreciate that tip but right now if its not acting broken per se, I'm not gonna attempt another fix. Now my question about Vulkan is, is it just a matter of sliding the slider in the UI over to Vulkan, or is it a software download for the GPU...?

    I did install the latest Nvidia Ver 546.17 driver...and did some flying around LA again with no issues in "Ultra" settings.