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    I'm just putting this out there for everyone to share my experience that I am now using and that maybe those who do the same can empathize using just a controller/keyboard/mouse like me now. Since I started using MSFS I have always used a controller/keyboard/mouse cause I felt (and still do) MSFS wasn't worthy or deserves being flown with proper flight controls due to the continuous issues and bugs cropping up all the time since its inception. Now enter IPACS FS4, IMO, has always been worthy of proper flight controls unequivocally. But today I decided to minimalize my flight desk and just go with a game controller/mouse/keyboard. You know what..? I love it. I really enjoy the simplicity it offers as in less desk clutter and I can sit in my chair with my leg crossed over the the other and lean back and feel comfortable flying with the controller, mouse and keyboard close at hand. Now that's not to say the TM flight controls (throttle quadrant/sidestick) aren't an awesome way to fly more realistically with FS4, but because I'm a "casual" flyer and have limited desk space (yes I need gaming desk), I am finding that I now prefer using just a controller like I do for MSFS. Once I acquire a gaming desk, I may or may not, dig out my TM control stuff again and reuse it for FS4, who knows. All I know is right now, I'm enjoying this new found flying simplicity.

    Any others empathize with this...? :) Discuss........................

    There is no reason why you should. The team are developing this great sim for all of us, but they are continually interrupted by demands from people who want the sim redesigned to suit their own personal wishes, with no regard for other users.

    How about just letting them get on with their work? They do know what they are doing. X(

    Somebody's in a wee bit of a snit. Excuse me for asking. Geeez. :rolleyes:

    And Yes I know they know what they're doing and they're doing a bang up job that's why I have this SIM in the first place. *sigh* :|

    Thanks for the info :thumbup:

    I've been running with quality settings on high. I'll try putting them to medium next time I play.

    I also have trees on high and buildings on medium.

    Your welcome sir ;) :thumbup:

    Its a fine balance between, trees, buildings, textures, clouds, wind, etc. I still get the black patches but it depends on the camera view I'm looking with. I live with it because its really not that bad. To be privilaged to have such an awesome SIM like Aero Fly, its worth the minor inconvenience. ;) :)

    I've noticed that too. I don't fly US very often if at all. Europe, Switzerland, Innsbruck, Italy etc. is where its at for me. So beautiful over there the scenery.

    I've yet to try VR, but I did try it with a cell phone setup once and got virtigo and almost brought up my lunch.

    For the record, I can't do roller coasters, sick like a dog after, and it lasts almost 3 days the after affects.

    I'm on OpenGL, I don't have Vulcan, not sure if my video card can handle Vulcan. As far as Quality settings, I can't go any higher than "LOW" because I only have a GTX 1660 SUPER for a video card @ 6g's GDDR6 VRAM. I've tried higher settings and I get glitching and stuttering over heavy 3D scenery. On "LOW", I'm ok, except those moving black patch's out the window over the terrain sometimes. I can live with those cause I have no choice. I need a beefier video card but its just not in the budget at the present moment.

    UPDATE: I tweaked my Quality settings:

    Buildings: HIGH

    Trees: MEDIUM

    Shadow Quality: LOW

    Terrain, Texture etc. : MEDIUM

    Seems to have given me more buildings, but there is an ever so slight glitch as I'm flying low with a Heli touring around. I can live with it. I do 99% of my flying in Europe where I get no glitching or stuttering at all, only in the US this happens.

    Anecdote: I've been to Washington with the Army Cadets here in Canada when I was 13. We were inside the White House, States Capital Building, Arlington National Cemetery, Mt Vernon etc. We stayed at Military base Balfour or Belvoir or something like that, don't remember the name.

    I mentioned this before but it keeps happening from time to time and it needs to be fixed. Sometimes there are trees on the south lawn of the white house and sometimes there isn't. The states capital is intermixed with another building. I haven't changed any of my quality settings as you can see from the images. What is causing this...?

    IPACS @"jetpacks"....

    The LOD for Rotterdam and Amsterdam is missing some ships parked in the harbor like you have in FS2. It seems you forgot to re-incorporate them in FS4 and there seems to be too many loading cranes bunched together in some places. The shipping ports could use some sea cans as well like down at the Miami shipping port. Are you able to fix these issues....?

    Also the "search light" keeps coming on by itself on the EC-135 since I last flew it...?