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    Yep, because IMO, FS4 and MSFS are the only (2) visually stunning SIMs out there. FS4 of course being the better SIM overall and the most realistic of the (2) as per the aircraft flight modelling. To me, MSFS feels to "Gamy" so to speak. But I would prefer only FS4 in house developed aircraft. From my experience with the latter SIM, there can be more bugs in the 3rd party stuff that can bring a plethora of unstable elements to your simming enjoyment.

    Remember only IPACS can get it done properly. The others, Im not so sure. :D

    WOW, all very good aircraft ideas indeed and great post ("jayeye2011") which we hope will come to fruition. However from my research online, (perusing third party developer sites using google) I feel that any new aircraft for FS4 will have to come from in house development and I would expect that and I'm counting on it. The reason I say this is, and I feel, that MSFS has now become the 800lb Gorilla for simulation online and a cash cow for other developers who want nothing more than to have their designs being flown by the ASOBO SIM community. Aero Fly is a unique stand alone product and caters to a niche group of simmers who want simplicity and function over form, and just want to fly hassle free. Hence the cliché : "less is truly more" in the case of Aero Fly. I only wish other simmers using the other SIM's out there could see the value, and appreciate what we see in FS4 and how functional it truly is. For us who know this be true, we click, SIM loads, we fly, it just works Period ! What more can we ask for IMO. ;) If you saw the video tour that was posted a while back of the IPACS facility, one can speculate that there will indeed be more aircraft forthcoming in 2023. ;) So we are patient and will wait to see what this year brings to FS4.

    So this is Aerofly FS 4 to me: easy to get into, quick to start, immersive in VR and just about enough realism to keep me coming back for another round. And enough VORs and planes without GPS to keep me guessing we're I am. :P

    I second, third and forth that. Aero Fly is where its at. :thumbup:

    99% of my flying is done in the Europe arena. Nothing beats flying over the alps early morning or at dusk. Love the Netherlands, Italy anywhere in Europe for that matter. Straffeing low through the alps in an F-18, thats always fun ;) :thumbup: My favorite airport is Innsbruck. ;) If I only had the cash, I'd move there and take up residence *sigh*, if only :(

    You would LOVE a twenty minute trial lesson in a real helicopter. Just don’t like it too much💰

    I most likley feel I could fly a real Heli, had the opportunity to take control once on a private flight. With some training I could do it for real. I also fly RC Heli's too with no issues. Wanted to be a Heli pilot since I was a kid. ;) Its in me to fly. Pilots run both sides of my family. I feel more comfortable in the air instead of being on the ground and I drive for a living.

    Yeah, its pretty much impossible to control the R-22 with just an X-Box controller.

    The R22 IMO, is the spawn of Satan for Helicopters. Unstable, god awful thing. They should be banned from existence. lmao :D I hate that thing.

    I only use keyboard, mouse, game controller for MSFS. I wont put flight controls on my Xbox for it. To me, (again IMO) its not worthy. I have no issues flying with just the game controller.

    I dont really feel busy flying Heli's.

    1) No rudder pedals (twist grip for rudder) Dont use rudder to fly, only taking off and for landing.

    2) I use the Airbus throttle and joystick to fly em

    3) Auto pilot and let the Heli fly itself (unless I want to change direction)

    Piece of cake really ;)

    But, I see what you mean with the Eurofox, no doors in the way looking out and down when flying. :thumbup:

    I know we aren't supposed to talk about other SIM's here and criticize them and is not my intention so I won't do anything of the sort. I want to share my experience with the community after attempting to use MSFS on my Xbox today after several weeks of sitting dormant and not using it. My attempt was to SIM myself into oblivion (Sunday being a me day before Monday) as I love nothing other than to fly when I'm not fulfilling home responsibilities or work, or anything needing my attention outside the realms of flight. I "live to fly" "fly to live". But I digress, to be frank, I didn't enjoy using it and it felt laborious and exasperating setting up a flight, switching menu's, switching screens, switching aircraft, waiting for things to load, setting weather, clouds, wind, fueling etc. etc. I could go on but those of us here who use it as a second SIM know where I'm coming from and can empathize. At this point I don't feel like firing it up regularly because of the aforementioned above. So I shut the Xbox down and opened Aero Fly and I was flying with none of the hassles that MSFS presents. So the reason for this post is to have others share their experiences using and or not wanting to use MSFS regularly after some elapsed time and to share their experiences as well.

    Discuss......... ;)

    I said I'd never get into flying airliners, but I was wrong. I have been mastering'ish the "Zen" of flying the A320. ;) I know, I know, I'm contradicting myself from an earlier post somewhere saying airliners are "yuk" or something to that end. But It's the simplest, most user friendly airliner out of all the others in this SIM........Well, me anyway. It's really not all that complicated to figure out and get off the ground and fly. I only use the auto-throttle, auto-pilot and VFR Map my way around from airport to airport. I don't use the navigation computer or auto-approach. I like the manual approach and landing manually and sometimes flying the whole route manually. It's just another plane to me, just bigger, lol. I guess you could say I bush plane fly the thing around, but the landing is my favorite part because of the challenge it presents. Only scrubbed 1 landing so far out of 1/2 a dozen or so.

    That said, IPACS you's have done an impeccable job modelling this thing and the way it handles and fly's, especially its glide capabilities. This thing doesn't want to land it just wants to fly and fly and fly. That's why its so much fun trying to get it down and land, you have to force it, to get it down out of the sky. I like it :) :thumbup:

    jetpack, I have tried that several times as you have asked, it doesn't work, its still the same. As I said I'm not overly concerned about it at this point now. As long as the gear goes up and down, that's what matters. I can live with it. We tried, it didn't work.......moving forward....lets go fly. lol ;)

    UPDATE: I fixed it. Don't ask...its working properly now. :rolleyes: :thumbup:

    Can you please describe what it is currently doing or not doing? It's unclear to us what we should do to fix this? It works great on all the test devices that we have. What operating system do you use?

    When the gear switch on the throttle quadrant is up, the gear is actually down and when the gear switch on the throttle quadrant is down, the gear is actually up. It's in reverse and I'm using WIN10 HOME. I did install the drivers from the TM website but they seem to be defunct. Its possible they might be causing the issue.

    UPDATE: Uninstalled the TM drivers, rebooted PC, gear switch still operating in reverse. :/

    Nope, didn't work regardless. I'm at a loss, No worries, I'll just leave it as is. I don't need to look at it, I just reach over, flip it and keep landing, and notice the green lights come on the console knowing their down. I got everything mapped out and don't want to start from scratch and remap stuff. Its only the landing gear, I can live with it. We tried right....thank you sir. ;)