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    I really enjoy starting my flight anywhere on the map or being able to quickly jump into final approach or load the aircraft back on the runway ready for takeoff almost instantly. It saves so much time when you just want to practice landing and takeoff and this feature is somewhat unique to Aerofly, combined with the short loading times it really becomes something I would want to miss.

    Ya, totally agree. When I want a quick flight before work in the morning, click the desktop icon, pick a plane, pick a location and "BOOM"...SIM is loaded up and ready to fly, all within 45 secs.....literally. IPACS developers you guys are SIM gods. Absolute genius.

    As crazy as it sounds, I've used ALT and HDG mode only and it flys by itself with CPLD on. Taking off, landing is all the manual approach for me. I don't like automation in these instances. But I do like autopilot for long flights only. ;)

    At this moment AF FS 4 is my preferred too. Nothing works properly in the "other side of the force". :D

    Agreed, I've never seen a forum like they have so full of bug issues and constant unhappiness, and constant frustration by users. Why do these people stay with it...? Why does the developer make people go through the frustration with a bug issue till they come up with a fix one month later. ASOBO really has to go over to IPACS for some serious re-training. They're obviously no doing it properly. They just can't get it right. I see it this way, it's like trying to squeeze too much down the pipe and expect it all to work and you get nothing but constant conflicts and issues because of it.

    Here at IPACS, they are on it as soon as it develops and we don't have to wait very long (usually within 24hrs) or less and its fixed.

    There are (4) main reasons I love FS4:

    1). Issues are fixed right away

    2). SIM loads in less than a minute

    3). Realistic aircraft flight modelling (aircraft feel)

    4). It just works flawlessly

    There are other reasons for me too but the above is the main selling points for me.

    I have the same issue and I'm on the lowest quality settings. But that's because I have a GTX 1660 SUPER card. Nothing I can do about it but live with it when they appear briefly.

    I think it is a good idea to install the Thrustmaster driver, why not..? It is so simple to do.

    Ya, I can't agree on that. As I said above "if its not broke", "I'm not gonna break it". I wasn't sure, that's why I asked here on the forum if it was warranted or needed at first and from past experience, updating drivers isn't always a safe bet. Things can go wrong real fast. No need to listen to the manufacturer claims sometimes that "You need these drivers". Its working and that's what matters most.

    (It is still early morning in Europe, the answer rate over here might be somewhat slow. ;) )

    Oooops !, My bad.

    In a word though, your response has confirmed my suspicions that it seems most of the Aero fly users are from Europe and the like. I had a feeling. I'm on the cusp of using Aero fly 100% of the time instead of 95%. MSFS is really starting to rub me the wrong way, eye candy be dammed. I'm sure everyone can empathize with that, need I say more. :rolleyes:

    Agreed with not installing the "manufacturer" drivers, I'll leave it as is. Could cause more grief. ;)

    Thank you "Armitage" and "TomB"

    So far the *new* TM TCA side stick for PC/Xbox I just got is working wonderfully with FS4 (plug n" play). it required to download and install the drivers for it anyway...? OR "If it's not broken", "don't break it" and leave it as is...? :/

    Ah, thats why its that way the sound. Easy fix after work tonight.

    As far as the stick is concerned....

    I was getting tired of the logitech pentiometers in the 3D Pro stick being a bit jumpy. The 3D printed ball mod was an excellent upgrade for it, but I was craving something more smooth, and this *new* airbus stick fits the bill for me. I had one before (the PC only version), but sold it with the complete captains setup I had including the TM headset and rudder pedals. Cant stand having my feet locked onto those rudder pedals, I prefer twist rudder on a stick. Personal preference. ;)

    Update: Sound fixed. Simple mouse click in the drop down sound menu. :thumbup:

    Thank you sir for the advice ;) :thumbup: