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    The quality settings ultra in FS 2 are now about medium or even low in FS 4. We've shifted the quality settings to make better use of the newer graphics card. So don't be fooled by this please. Medium is the old Ultra if you will. Doesn't mean it is performing badly just that you selected to high of a quality setting.

    But, I have tried low quality in various screen resolutions as mentioned above and still not smooth like I expect it to be. Its my video card. It doesn't have enough memory (as per specs) to run it. I am aware that it has been said several times FS4 is to take advantage of modern video cards and that I would have to run the SIM in a lower quality setting due to my video cards lack of capability. No other option but buy a new *modern* video card.

    @douglas55: You keep reporting it works and then again it doesn't. If you can report to us your GPU and your quality settings, we can check and see what the issue might be. We also recommend to NOT mess with the NVIDIA settings at all. Leave everything at default. If you have a 6 GB GPU, areas like Los Angeles are probably too much for this card, or you need to reduce the quality settings. Especially the buildings density and quality has a huge impact on the GPU memory consumption, so reducing this should also help.

    I know, I waste bandwidth posting for nothing and I'm sorry for that. Its just, after using using FS2 for the longest time and expecting FS4 to be the same in performance, its a real bummer :( realizing my video card isn't up to snuff. Its frustrating to say the least. So my apologies to all for being a malcontent and obnoxious online. lol :P That said, I have a NVidia GTX 1660 SUPER with GDDR6 @ 6gigs VRAM. My PC is a T5 Lenovo i7 10th Gen, 8 core (16 thread) processor @2.90Hz. As far as Quality settings, I've tried every combination from low to high in 4k to 1440p to windows mode and nothing worked. Process of eliminations says.....its definitely my video card. Its 6 gig not 8 gig as is the max card requirement as per specs required. I'm just gonna have to face facts I need a better video card plain and simple of which I don't have the $$ for right now.

    UPDATE: So as per MartinM's comment back on page 4 of this thread, as stubborn as I am, I attempted to run FS4 in 1440p in every concievable combination of graphic and quality settings "known to man" (kidding aside) lol The result : Nada, zip, no stability in choppyness, smoothness, butter free flying. So I uninstalled FS4, (because I need the drive space anyway), and its in my STEAM library for when I get a better video card. I tried. :( But at least I have FS2 and all the DLC's for it and can still fly my beloved EC-135 :thumbup:

    Well I'm now convinced what was said about FS4 being for the *new* modern high end video cards. My video card sucks, it can't handle it (well barely). As I said above about being in windows mode and all was well, I spoke too soon. I came home tonight, fired it up, and hiccups galore, regardless if quality settings are set to Low, Medium or High. I'm running @ 50Hz and if I set it to @ 60 Hz its worse. I have Vsync on and if its off it makes no difference. So back to FS2 I go until I can afford a better video card (one day) in the distant future. *sigh* X(

    I'm using openGL, and have my Nvidia PC settings to default and "let the application decide" checked off and trying to get FS4 to run smoothly in 4k (my TV is 4k capable) and I can't for the life of me get FS4 to run smooth. Especially low flying with the EC-135. I have tried every combination of graphical, and quality settings in the SIM to no avail. I have 16gigs DDR4 PC RAM and 6gigs GDDR6 VRAM for my video card, GTX 1660 SUPER. I'm at my wits end here......Grrrrrrr

    UPDATE: I put the SIM in "Windows Mode", Vsync set to "ON", set Graphics Quality all to "Medium", except Shadow Quality set @ (low). All NVidia settings to default, set Windows to 50 Hz, the SIM is steady at 50 fps and smooth. That's where its staying now. :thumbup:

    I leave it to you to re-read this thread, which certainly escaped you ;)

    Ya it did escape me as I wasn't looking for it. "Meh", it is what it is I guess. I understand it from a marketing standpoint too, where there is $$ to be had. But, less is more (always), and IMO, iPACS is akin to the "little engine that could" story. The proof is in the pudding as we are all experiencing with Aero Fly. It gets the job done "Properly". IMO, who ever isn't experiencing Aero Fly, is missing out big time. ;) :thumbup:

    I don’t fully understand what goes in what folder in the FS2 file structure when downloading cultivation’s. On that web page (, most of the cultivation’s don’t tell you what folder path to put the zip files into. I’m finally experimenting with them with no success 😞 as I’m staying with FS2.

    TriSoft, FranceVFR, ORBX and Aerosoft have abandoned the ship.

    With this, Lukla Mount Everest, Boston Area, Skiatos, and France Airports will be dead

    I have noticed that myself. We’re on our own gentlemen from here on in. It’s up to the content creaters (users) to keep it a niche SIM experience.

    I don't know where to post this so I'm posting it here.......

    I'm getting a slight stuttering in the graphics as I'm flying even with the slow pace of the EC-135. I haven't a clue how to fix this. What graphics setting am I missing...?

    Ya Ya I get it. It was not a thought out question. My bad. :| I just thought because Real Flight did that with an RF 9.5 upgrade for a limited time to existing customers and anybody after would had to buy RF 9.5 outright. You know....... ;) I just thought......that's all. And no I don't work for free but I would if I had Volunteer work or if requested to by my employer as a favor. On that note I look enthusiastically forward to the new version of Aero Fly. :thumbup: