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    So what it gave us a new area and more flights we could do if you want that then get rfs and annoy them and not the great developers who work at IPACs I would like to see you make a better game then iPacs with every thing you want and the same quality the world does not revolve around you

    Good Day

    Say what you want, but as long as there are paying people who us Aerofly as a Flight Sim, it doesn’t hurt to make a suggestion list. In the meantime all we can do is wait.

    To IPACS Team

    I hope that I’m not a nuisance today, but I would like to report a series of crashes that take place whenever I’m on this app for my iPad device. Just the other day it really mess me up when on my final approach to Paris major airport coming all the way from Los Angeles. What’s worse, after rebooting the app and resuming where I left off, 100% of auto pilot controls were disabled. Ever since the recent update, the app has been experiencing crashes or closes down suddenly. I hope it’s not a programming issue, however I would want to believe that it’s my device even though it’s a generation 9 2021 Apple manufactured iPad which it should be fully capable of running and App as big as Aerofly. Looking forward to your response. :thumbup:

    I see there’s a lot of PC users in here. I only Could afford a iPad tablet this time around. Hopefully the IPACS Developers will continue to release more updates for iPad version of Aerofly 2022 vs other versions.

    I know the game just came so patient enough to wait.

    Why won't it? I haven't changed much on that front...

    I don’t use the Navigation Page to input the coordinates into the FMC, I manually type it in myself and the FMC for the Dash 8 and the 737 was working just fine before the update. Not all of a sudden the waypoints are appearing on screen of the FMC for both Aircraft. This is for the IPad Device

    Sorry to bother you’ll, but for some reason whenever I start my flight in cold and dark with the 737–500, I follow all the proper procedures to activate everything from the hydraulics to the APU bleeding to the fuel pump systems to cut on the aircraft. For some weird reason when I’m airborne, even switching to NAV and F/D the AutoPilot still won’t switch on inflight. Everything is perfectly normal when I start my flight and “ready to taxi” mode on the other hand. Is there something I missed when doing the proper procedures and checklist or is there another bug that needs to be rectified? Looking forward to your feedback thanks,

    Hello Devs anf users of Aerofly. Just got a fresh new IPad just for Aerofly and so far its been great.

    Dash 8 is one of my favorite and probably best Turboprop by far ^^.

    I’m having difficulty with the Nose up/down Scroller, its extremely unresponsive when in flight or very unfriendly to the touch if you may add. Please fix when you have the time to do so please? thanks.