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    He means that normal brakes have some kind of default brake ON, and park brake is a different system independant.

    If you have driven a car with brake assist for inclination... Imaging this is the same when you hold your normal brakes for some time... They will remain pressed unless you apply trust without needing to use the park brake for everything to prevent the plane to move on idle.

    I understand now, thank you

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes the takeoff runs are short right now. That is because we are below the max landing weight of the aircraft, so without the additional mass of 150 tonnes of fuel. That is quite noticeable in the takeoff distance...

    I have a question about taxing the aircraft with the engines at idle. I've noticed that when you start the plane in Cold and Dark mode, once you release the parking brake the plane starts to taxi, but when you start the engine running the idle thrust doesn't move the plane forward. Why doesn't it work the same way?

    I also wanted to report this problem, thank you

    I would also like to add that the map does not load on the navigation screens, as you can see on the screenshot, extra 330 and Anteres 21E also have this display problem

    its not false advertising at all, it's something to do with your copy of the sim. by all means get dev help but dont go off at me 'in case it wasnt clear'. thats not how we roll around here dude. relax.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to offend. So I wanted to reiterate the message because I didn't get a reply from the developers, so I wanted to re-do one with screenshots to illustrate my point. It's true that the beginning of my sentence may not have been correct, and I apologise for that.

    I'm just disappointed that the devs are ignoring my message.

    that message was for the devs, not for you

    Perhaps my previous message wasn't clear, so I'll try to explain it better to get help. So, on google play you can see that the characteristics proposed by AFS2023 include the regions of Washington, Utah, Oregon, Colorado and Nevada (see attachment).

    However, it is not (any more) available as a download as it was when AFS2023 was released. I'm just asking for access to what I bought (nothing more) and I'm disappointed that the developers haven't responded to my message.

    Otherwise what is presented in google play is false advertising on the part of IPACS and that the developers have expressly decided to penalize those who have not opted for the new version.

    Could you please told something about that Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Yes, but before it was poposed as a free download from the regions tab, except that now only paying European regions are proposed, those containing the USA area that i'm talking have been removed from the regions tab.

    Hi Jet-Pack (IPACS)  admin

    Last year I invested in AFS2023 as well as all the DLC that this version offered, but recently I changed phones and when I reinstalled the game on my new phone I could no longer find the free DLC for the United States, such as Washington, Utah, Oregon, Colorado and Nevada, which made me very sad :(. Knowing that I fly more in the United States, I feel a little helpless in this situation. Can you please help me with this problem ?


    We've found the issue and corrected it for the next version.

    It was a bit strange, because if you go past the 50% margin once the slider or virtual stick work perfectly until you release. It would only occur if you start moving, stop and never reach the 50% range.

    I completely understand fixing the bugs for the next version, but I think you can also fix it for those who are going to stay with the AFS2023 version. Unlike the other bugs, this one is critical because it spoils the game experience, and knowing that it's been there since the AFS2022 version, I'm a bit puzzled about leaving big bugs on previous version of the simulator :(.

    Hi Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    I made a test flight with the new 737 and I have to say that I really loved the feel and also the sounds of this aircraft.
    Just if I could ask one thing it would be to make sure that the sounds have a higher volume, by playing with the headphones you get the most out of the new sounds but with the audio on my computer even at full volume I still find the volume quite low.

    Thank you for your great job. I'm now waiting for the pushback:saint:

    I also had the same problem, I've made same livery but I don't found how to add a good preview

    The development ATC was announced way to early and is currently on hold.

    We completely understand that it was announced far too early, but if you go back up the discussion threads, you'll see that ATC has been in development since 2017, although there have also been periods when it was rightly put on the back burner for certain features that have since seen the light of day.
    If a member of the team had announced it at the time, we can deduce that it was still at a very advanced stage of development and now, 3 years later, soon 4 years later, nothing ?(.
    Personally, I'm a bit disappointed by all this :sleeping:, especially as some of the features were also eagerly awaited, such as improved meteo rendering.

    Hi Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    I know you're busy with new features but I just had a question about the 737-500. Concerning the center pedestal screen, I've seen that in some aircraft this screen can also display the flight plan like an ND, so my question is whether in future updates this screen could be improved to display a flight plan?



    The file name _takeoff is loaded when the airplane is set on the runway, _landing is loaded on short/long final, _clean is loaded in cruise, _cold is loaded for cold and dark, _start is the before start setting. Files _gear and _flaps are used for time-skip feature to inject the correct gear and flap positions.

    No other files than those mentioned are loaded by the simulator.

    To change the default position simply edit the tmd file of the aircraft, do not change the file name. And also make a backup before and after your change, because Steam can delete you manual changes in an update process.

    Hello jetpacs, I was wondering if it was possible to deactivate the thrust of the aircraft when the throttle is on idle. I find that the aircraft accelerates far too much and I would like to change this on all the aircraft in my simulator.


    Um es zu Lieben Fehlen aber noch viele Sachen,ATC ..Richtiger KI Verkehr, etwas Fahrzeuge am Flughafen und Fahrende Flugzeuge(mit Beleuchtung)!!!!!!

    Kondensstreifen am Himmel und keine Drittanbieter DLC und so weiter und so so weiter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Erst wenn das da ist,kann man vom lieben Reden ,eher nicht.

    Ihr müsst schon mal Ehrlich sein ,wenn Ihr Aerofly FS 4 anbiedet,sonst sind die Käufer enttäuscht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    In my case, I already have another simulator that offers all the features you mentioned, but I still find that aerofly has that little something extra that I really like, and knowing that I often use it on mobile, on PC I can't help but like it even more, even if it's true that it lacks a few things, but it's still a very chic simulator.