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    @Onizuka: The button during the simulation are shifted inside to the screen so they don't obscurve any display cutouts or cameras. However the orientation change isn't working properly yet, but if you start Aerofly FS in the right orientation and don't turn the device, the buttons should work fine.

    Again, this is this beta, you can opt out of it at any time.

    All right, thank you.

    With the latest update some bugs have surfaced

    1 - When you choose an aircraft and go directly to the landing position, the APPR mode is activated with a VS at -500 and the LS activated. I've tested this on the A320 and the B777 and it gives the same problem.

    2 - full-screen mode has become even worse, with buttons that no longer respect the original layout;

    this full-screen problem is quite annoying

    3 - My phone overheated after 5 minutes in the simulator, which has never happened to me since the simulator came out, knowing that everything is set to 100% as usual.


    I use the tilt of the device, this problem occurs even when I just hold a finger on the screen for the throttle or rudder. With the helicopter it's even worse because sometimes when I try to put the throttle, it goes down all of a sudden, so unfortunately I never use the helicopter on AFS because it's uncontrollable

    This problem does not occur on my device. I can adjust the reverse thrust freely without lowering the throttle bar to 100%. In a test I was able to make the aircraft brake completely with only 37% of reverse thrust. In another test I was able to brake in the same way with 67% reverse thrust. When activating the reverses in the two tests using 37% and 67% of thrust the lever in no time escaped my thumb and did not return to the idle position. In my opinion, your claim is unfounded.

    In itself it may not be a problem but at least it's a few things that exist for some users. We all use different devices here so it's not because you don't have this problem is the same everywhere.

    I see this as unnecessary at the moment as there are more important things for developers to work on like the new Boeing 737 and the pushback. Inserting vegetation in the scenarios in the simulator can consume many frames, which will certainly generate complaints among users.

    Hence the possibility of activating and deactivating this option (as he sayed) if we do not have a powerful mobile as is the case with the aircrafts lights and moreover I also recall you that this was announced by one of the members of the team last year before the release of the simulator

    On both Boeing 777 and 787 aircrafts, after landing the autobrakes deploy very well but once the thrust reversers are released, the airbrakes automatically return to the armed mode, which if I'm not mistaken is not a normal behavior for Boeing;

    My device is the same model as yours, that is, it is a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. The difference is that my device is 5G and yours is 4G. Regarding the width of the screen, the bar that represents the aircraft's throttle stick is actually above the front camera but that doesn't bother me because it doesn't matter to me to invert the position of the stick or not. This doesn't cause any inconvenience to me. As for runway 36, I normally select it in the location menu if I want to do landing or takeoff training. As for selecting this runway for an arrival or approach, this is no longer possible as it only operates visually and not by instruments. For this reason, this threshold does not appear among the types of instrument approximations available.

    Here, for the runnway 36 my problematic it was on a flight with the instrument thus your words join what was already said above and concerning the screen I think that it is with the developer to see how to make it better, even if in is I find a pity that one is changed some thing which worked very well and which to my knowledge did not undergo any plain

    In fact, the screen is wider but in no way interfered with the control of the throttle lever here on the display of my device. Regarding runway 36 in Frankfurt, it is selectable for both landing and takeoff. This headboard just doesn't have the number 36 inscription but it is normally selectable and I didn't find any problem with it other than the one I mentioned. Regarding the failures in the FMGC of the A380 that you mentioned, it is something that I will still investigate and try to reproduce and only then communicate to the developers.

    1 - Regarding the screen, I speak of my device and not yours because part of the controller is hidden by the lens of the front camera S20 FE 4G;

    2 - Concerning the runnway 36 of franckfurt I would like to see how you select it because I did not find and as ThomK said above, it is quite a normal behavior so not really a problem

    3 - OK

    Hi jan

    I recently noticed some weird problems with the simulator,

    In the A380 when I'm on the init page, and when I want to change page the sids and the stars of my flight plan are deleted in one go and a discontinuity appears instead

    - Also still in the A380, the row of numbers 1 - 4 - 7 are reversed with 3 - 6 - 9;

    - In the A380 it could also be interesting to modify the altitude of reduction and acceleration as it was added for the boieng planes

    - the screen of the game is much wider after the last update (today) and the protection of the edges of screen not being any more existing, I have now difficulty to reach the throttle of the UI and also that increases the fact that one can leave the simulator by error in full flight what can be really distressing for long flight

    - At Frankfurt airport, it is impossible to choose runway 36 for both take-off and landing


    It's a pity that the new overhead panel of the Concorde doesn't allow to interact with the plane yet, but I think it could be worth adding it to the other airliners

    PS: To finish on a positive note, I like the new layout of the simulator views, will still take some time to get used to it :)


    Update: maybe this is a thing. Concorde, IAD to LHR, and look at how many times the INS decided to disconnect and send me round in a circle:

    I also encountered this problem on board the C172 when I activated the HDG on autopilot

    The Aerofly developers do not predict when the news will arrive in the simulator because they are very laborious and take a long time to be done and giving predictions without being sure can cause discomfort among users. In other words, you can't promise something that you can't deliver on time.

    If you have read everything I have written, you will understand that I know very well that some features can take time, a lot of time; however what I am saying is that the lack of information on development creates exasperation in some people. I also want to point out that you were for a while one of those who asked and asked a lot of questions on the same subjects as others do now. At least if for the last 6 months we had information about how the development of new features is going, we wouldn't be here going over the same topics again and again

    This is why there's no teasers anymore.

    The problem is not the teaser but the silence for a long time. When there was the teaser I remember that many people here were happy and for a while there were not many claims because we could see that they were working hard but the fact that they kept silent for a long time exasperates some people a bit. If at least we could have information on the development every 3-4 months I think there will be less because at least we will have an idea on what is being developed at a moment T because the problem here is the lack of information that makes users often bring the same topics on the table

    The teaser was just a behind the scenes look, there was no connection made to Aerofly FS 2023. We said we were working on that but cannot yet say when it will be finished. It might make it to Aerofly FS 2023 and it also might not, it's not yet finished and we will only add it once we are happy with the product.

    I can understand that the development of such feature can take time but I remember well that when the teaser was published it was more or less referring to the mobile version AFS2023 as we can see on the attachment. Also I remember that once you replied to one of my messages and confirmed the pushback for the AFS2023 version, also I remember a message from the admin in October if I'm not mistaken that also talked about the fact that there will be an experiment this year of more landscape culture for the mobile version of AFS2023. That being said I think that as a user we know that we can not have everything at once and we can understand that some functionality takes a lot of time but at least there it's been about 5-6 months that the simulator is out and the fact of seeing that some planned functionality that are still not available makes you wonder.

    Personally I do not regret the fact of having passed from the version AFS2022 to AFS2023 but at least my satisfaction is not total because I expected at least the addition of the pushback and the culture for AFS2023; on the other hand for the B737 NG I totally agree with you on the fact that it was not mentioned anywhere that it was going to be available for the AFS2023, from the beginning you had warned that it was not certain that it was going to be integrated but on the other hand the pushback and more culture were mentioned for AFS2023.