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    Ok great , thanks! I tried to get the FMS to work but failed. Any tips about the exact switches to use would be much appreciated ☺️

    I do see FMS displays, in the centre on the left and right, but the keypad has no effect. They are stuck on a page that shows KSFO Rwy 28L as departure . But my flight plan is Oakland to Phoenix. In all other aircraft normally the FMS updates as soon as the menu flight plan is changed.

    (Just a reminder, this is the 2021 mobile version).

    Hi, I'm flying my first time using the A380, in AF 2021 verson (mobile).

    Is the FMC not live in this aircraft? The display is stuck on a KSFO runway and the buttons don't do anything. I can't get the flight plan to show.

    Also how can I adjust the cruise altitude to get an accurate VNAV descent indication? I started at FL350 but the PD showed "ALT" ....then I guessed and tried FL410 and this showed "ALT CRZ", so I stayed there. But what if I want to use different flight levels?

    Any tips and pointers much appreciated!

    I would generally slow down about 40 kts before descent to allow more leeway and control. I also have seen inconsistent VNAV performance on the B787. I find I need to intervene with VS settings to capture the VNAV path, sometimes 2 or 3 times on a descent.

    But once on VNAV PTH mode then I have found it to be accurate. Its just that the aircraft sometimes loses the VNAV path. Following the green dot and intercepting the path with VS adjustments seems to work. Once on target again then press the VNAV mode button and push in the ALT knob to re-engage.

    its nice to watch our aircraft fly over the landscape with the outside view, and I love the over wing view when coming over the threshold.. But the cockpit is the only realistic choice, assuming we're simulating being the pilot!

    The non-ILS auto-pilot approches do work in FS 2021, and they are fun to fly and see them activate on the PFD. Its a real pity that they are broken in 2022....lets hope we get them back in the next mobile version, along with accurate ILS line up.

    I'm not sure if I'm using the Navigation menu wrongly, but I find most of the arrivals unusable as well. They have the most bizarre complex twists and turns all around the airfields and take you a long way away from the runway.

    Generally I have to avoid the arrivals and just manually pick a route that intercepts an approach nicely.

    I find a lot of the depature SIDs to be very extreme in their angles and tight turns. And usually the autopilot cannot make these manouvres, and disconnects to HDG mode.

    I mostly make my own manual departure routes with more realistic straight out climbs and less extreme turns, and this avoids LNAV disconnects.

    You cannot change the weight in the real world FMS either... When we are adding mass and balance we'll make a dedicated menu for it and not hack it into the FMS where it doesn't belong and is unrealistic.

    Sure, I think a good approach for further development would be a menu item (like the wind and cloud settings), to adjust the aircraft weight. This figure could then automatically populate the relevant fields in the flight computer, and adjust the V speeds.

    One nice extra touch for reality would be an option for the pilot to manually enter their chosen weight in the cockpit and check the Ref speeds as they update. Its up to the pilot to set the weight correctly!

    It would be excellent if the weight setting could impact the aircraft performance realistically!

    Hi, I am trying to find some instructions on the process for copying extra scenery files into Aerofly FS 2021 or 2022. Say if you wanted to add something extra, where should the files be copied to?

    I remember a thread about moving files from 2021 for the USA with buildings over to 2022, but can't find it now.....

    I know this is an "own risk" process. I have both versions installed now so am happy to use my 2021 version to try some extra files. Thanks for any tips!

    I'm on Android 12 without root.

    No, unfortunately You cannot change the Take -Off Weight or the amount of Fuel.This is particularly noticeable with the Learjet 45. :(

    Presumably it goes more like a rocket than an aeroplane 😃 ...

    Its a pity, I find the B787 climbs very steeply and over 4000ft VS off the runway in VNAV mode. I think a bit more weight might tame it ....

    I have 21 and 22 on my iPad. They both run independently. I believe that they’re in independent folders. Each version runs perfectly well.

    Thanks! I might try that arrangement and just choose each app depending on where I want to fly. Or I suppose I could try the scenery files copying method ...The price of FS2021 has dropped now, so why not?😃

    By the way, what do we lose from 2022 when we go back to 2021? No B787?

    Is it possible to install both 2021 and 2022 versions on the same device? Would the files be kept in totally independant folders so that there is no conflict ? Would each separate app run normally if both versions were on the same device?