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    Hi, I've been absent around here for a while, my phone has been too busy with many other things!

    I checked in today and was amazed to see what's been happening :thumbup:

    Now I have to get my pilots hat out again and try and remember how to control the aircraft again.

    A quick question please ... is there a list anywhere of what countries currently have airports, and whether they have buildings? Specifically I am keen to fly in New Zealand, if anyone has any info it would be appreciated!

    Thanks 😊

    Airbus planes have computer controlled limits at all times, called Laws, that prevent critical tolerances to be exceeded. Exactly what limits are applied at any time depend on the flight phase and whether the pilots are using the joystick. But the aircrafts flight computers will prevent speed and angle limits from being exceeded.

    AFAIK Boeing planes don't have this automatic overide type of system, although no doubt there are warning alerts for the pilots if things are getting out of hand.

    Those of us who have tried another multiplayer "game", even used it for a year or more, know that it can easily become a silly unrealistic experience. Despite all the efforts at " training" and "qualifications" theres always a bunch of users who just want to mess around, and another bunch of users who constantly get upset about that!

    Also, with so many airports all over the world, and users all spread out so far, usually you end up landing and departing at empty airports . Having no static aircraft parked makes the experience like a ghost town.

    In many ways a pure sim experience like Aerofly, that simply looks and feels more real, ultimately gives the better buzz.

    Having them added would certainly add to the realism, so long as the callouts accurately relected what was set on the PFD speed tape.

    In the end we can all decide if we pretend they come from the plane or our imaginary First Officer.

    As I understand it for real world airliners, the takeoff callouts are made by the 'Pilot not flying", who would refer to the speed tape and bugs. Also the "Pilot flying" would be assessing the situation and making a decision about whether to continue or not. Before the V1 callout they would call "takeoff" or " abort". After V1 they would normally continue to takeoff unless theres something really dire that means they might not get into the air.

    My assumption has always been that all these callouts have to be done by the pilots due to the dynamic situation and constant decision monitoring that is going on.

    Yes, I usually add an extra waypoint to reduce the angles. Certainly 90deg turns often cause the autopilot to disconnect. If using a SID then adding waypoints might not work, so I also do as Overloaded said ....pretend that ATC has given vectors, switch to HDG mode and cut the corner. Once you're nearly back to an intercept of the route then re-engage LNAV.

    Definately! If we could get accurate gate spawning, with airbridges in position, and realistic pushback that would greatly add to the realism!

    Although I do quite enjoy starting flights with a number of random spawns wondering where the plane will appear 😉

    I have this problem also, and it started after the recent updates to the app.

    However there is a workaround ... By pulling down the notification shade over the app I can then press the phone volume buttons to make adjustments, and the volume panel appears.

    This is not ideal though, as it interupts the flow of the simulation. I hope this is an issue that the IPACS team can resolve.

    Android 13, Samsung S20FE (4g).

    Yes, I wish we could talk more as a community about the actual simulated flying we do! More about techniques, navigation and great routes for example.

    Aerofly provides the best realism for flight simulation on mobile, really important for those like me who can't use a PC version.

    Hey Hello 👋 . What is labeling?

    I think I understand more now ...they are meaning the written labels that describe the instruments or indications, which obviously on mobile are very small. Zooming in helps but if the resolution is lower then they look blurry.

    Perhaps the base imagery of the airbus cockpit was at a lower resolution than the Boeing? Its a pity you can't run the graphics at high because I love the airbus cockpits with all their details.

    I dont generally do flights that don't use the scenery areas (I like to explore the terrain as I fly), but if you dont mind going over lots of mush, the USA cross continent routes would work ..... You've got Seattle - Boston / New York - Washington for example.

    Or KLAX to the east coast ....pass over Colorado on the way for some nice views.

    How about Stockholm to Lisbon? Lisbon to Warsaw? Keflavik to Rome?