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    I dont generally do flights that don't use the scenery areas (I like to explore the terrain as I fly), but if you dont mind going over lots of mush, the USA cross continent routes would work ..... You've got Seattle - Boston / New York - Washington for example.

    Or KLAX to the east coast ....pass over Colorado on the way for some nice views.

    How about Stockholm to Lisbon? Lisbon to Warsaw? Keflavik to Rome?

    Ok! Thanks, I'll try that pull right down to 100% first then gradually release upwards to the desired amount of braking ....I'll try it later, I've got a flight planned, Boston to Washington Dulles!

    Version : FS 2023

    Android 13, Samsung S20FE 4G

    Hi, I'm getting very frustrated with this issue that persists and ruins aspects of the realism.

    For a long time I have difficulties using the throttle button to apply reverse thrust. It makes it almost impossible to slow down and exit a runway in a controlled manner.

    The problem is that the button will not remain gripped with the thumb, except when at 100% reverse thrust. All other reverse positions cause the button to slip from my thumb and jump back to zero.

    I have tried phone settings like accidental touch protection, and also I have the app settings set to maximum button size and maximum contrast, and about half transparency. Changing these has no impact, I just can't hold the thrust button when using reverse thrust to slow down on the runway.

    This problem is the same when using the button to brake while taxiing. It won't hold under my thumb unless I pull it all the way to 100%· As a result a lot of my manouvering around the airports is jumpy and unrealistic. Often I can't slow down to exit smoothly from a runway, or I have to do an emergency stop!

    Also the same issue affects the rudder button sometimes, but it is not as bad as the throttle button.

    Looking for any advice or solutions please, both settings on phone and app, or technique. Thanks!

    Hey thanks! Looks like you've just sold another aircraft package for FS 2023 😉

    I was trying the 737 in my 2021 app because thats the only pack I haven't got yet.

    Thanks for clarifying that FMS mode will perform the descent (so long as the altitude is dialed down). I'm curious to know how pilots in those days would have known the TOD point? Perhaps with manual calculations and maps? Without a modern navigation display I suppose I'll have to estimate it....

    With the radios I just wanted to tune a VOR and fly to it, and also check the ILS frequency was correct. I could highlight the fields on the CDU Radio page but couldn't get a frequency entered. There doesn't seem to be a decimal point button? But I'll try the radio controls on the pedestal that you mentioned now also.

    Thanks anyway, even in 2021 that cockpit is incredible!


    I should start by saying I'm using FS 2021 version ....

    I'm trying to learn the B737, and I've managed to get autopilot control generally, and following the flightplan with "FMS" mode.

    But I'm unsure about VNAV. Firstly I can't find where to set a cruise altitude ....not on the CDU VNAV page and I couldn't manually adjust the flight level on the Flight Plan pages either ..?

    Is there in fact any automatic descent mode on this aircraft? Or is it just worked out manually and flown by adjusting autopilot settings manually?

    Finally, please how can I tune the Nav radios? I could select the radio on the CDU, but theres no decimal point button that I can see, and its not clear to me where to enter the frequency.

    Thanks to all the experienced Boeing pilots for any tips ! ❤

    Don't you think that lots of Dutch people would really enjoy a holiday in Islip?

    On a similar note, Milan airport seems to have been overtaken by a mass Easy Jet away day 😂

    Hi, the code for South Lake Tahoe airport is KTVL.

    It's got a great RNP approach along the ridge of the mountains on the east side of the lake. Because the terrain is high to the left of the approach the RNP is offset to the right of the runway, so you switch off autopilot and land manually with a left/right turn to line up.

    The whole area around there is very rugged and detailed in Aerofly, with the blue lake spectacular.

    You can also do realistic airline flights into the nearby Reno Tahoe airport, from lots of hub airports like Portland, KSFO, KLAS etc.

    In the USA it would be hard to beat South Lake Tahoe and Mammoth, both in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Probably best suited to light aircraft or the Q400, but I think an A320 could probably land at both as well, with good braking.

    KSFO never fails to impress with great views on approach. I like coming in from the northeast and turning over the golden gate bridge.

    Salt Lake City is really nice too, a circular arrival over the hills to the east looks beautiful!

    A new discovery! Bergen airport, in Norway. Really interesting surrounds and great approaches. The airport itself is beautiful. I'm going to fly a few different routes to arrive from different countries ....from Berlin, which crosses Denmark and southern Norway. And also from Stockholm which comes in over Sweden and the mountains east of Bergen. Also the flight between Bergen and Tromso in the north will be a brilliant flight, over the whole Norwegian mountain ranges and fjords. All recommended !

    In my experience I think flying a real light aircraft visually is easier to do accurately than to try and control one on a small screen simulator.

    Instrument flying is easier to manage on a touchscreen. Thats why I guess many more people use the A320 in Aerofly than those who use the Cessna!

    You're right, there's way too much talk here about bugs and feature requests!

    We should be talking much more about what the app is all about ....pretending to be a pilot!

    I am very impressed with the huge areas of improved scenery in FS 2023, especially in Europe. So the flights are even more realistic and immersive when looking at the scenery. I love the wing views, especially when banking with the wing down.

    My favourite routes are around southern Europe, especially the Mediterranean coast and islands (try Marseille, Nice and Genova) .... Corsica and Sardinia, Sicily.

    Heres some favourites :

    ALITALIA – Milan Base

    • Milan – Rome – Venice – Salzburg - Milan
    • Milan - Pescara – Innsbruck – Milan
    • Milan – Toulouse – Genova – Stuttgart -Milan
    • Milan – Vienna – Trieste – Munich - Milan

    ALITALIA – Bologna Base

    • Bologna - Ajaccio – Cagliari – Bastia – Graz – Bologna
    • Bologna – Bari – Catania – Alghero – Bologna
    • Bologna – Crotone – Palermo - Bologna

    AIR FRANCE – Nice Base

    • Nice – St Gallen – Lyon – Nice
    • Nice – Pamplona – Bordeaux – Nice
    • Nice – Bergamo – Basel – Nice
    • Nice – Innsbruch - Nice

    TAP – Porto Base

    • Porto – Asturias – Alicante – Porto
    • Porto – Almeria – Madrid – Porto
    • Porto – Malaga – A Coruna– Porto
    • Porto – Madeira – Gran Canaria – Gibralta – Tenerife – Madeira - Porto

    Ok glad to hear it! I'll ask the devs to give me some sales commission from your app store fees ^^

    Try a flight from Bari to Palermo, or Bologna to Alghero ...lovely detail in the scenery! Also the flights on the east coast USA are great ....Boston to Baltimore, La Guardia to Washington etc! The new airports are spectacular as well!

    Sauracy, you seem to be a very reasonable complainer 🤗. I don't think you should base your feelings about it on only the extra aircraft. I don't think I'll bother with the helicopter or Concord etc either ....rather you should consider the huge extra high quality areas of scenery added in to FS 2023, plus the extra parts of the USA. Those are the added value aspects that make it worthwhile to buy the various parts of FS 2023 IMO.

    Yes, I'm not an airline operations purist, but its nice to match liveries to routes and countries where possible.

    Avianca is my go to random route choice! I am happy to pretend that they fly Malaga to Tenerife, Grenada to Majorca, and Oslo to Keflavik!

    Another point, a subscription model is tough to sell to new users. You have to offer a very cheap starter package, to get them to try it, but then you have to tolerate all the moans and complaints and terrible Play Store ratings when they realise the best bits are behind the paywall.

    At least with the one off charges users get the stuff for the lifespan of the app ....

    I used to "play" a subscription model flight app, before I tried "flying" with the Aerofly sim. I was paying £9.49 a month (British pounds) ... £113.00 annually!

    Of course this was sold as the cost of running servers for the multiplayer game modes, but you still had to pay it just to get fairly mediocre scenery around the world. In the end I saw it as a bit of a scam.

    Ultimately the realism and immersion you get with a quality simulator like Aerofly Mobile wins out. So the relatively small annual costs are worth it I believe. And I do see this latest version as a significant upgrade, and well worth the charges for the improved scenery.

    I accept that the aircraft packages are a bit more debatable, but I suspect they are there to spread out the overall costs for users who may feel better buying in small chuncks over time.

    For me, one of the main enjoyments while flying in the App, is watching the views go by. The sense of travel and the detail of the world below is one main thing for me. So I really appreciate the extra details that the scenery in FS 2023 has, and over huge areas that previously were a bit mushy. Other things like the better transitions between coastlines and water bring more realism to this version.

    So I find its well worth the few extra pounds / dollars. I presume they have to buy the scenery files or license the use of them from a third party mapping company, so there must be extra costs there.