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    Nach meiner Erfahrung funktioniert nur ein Xbox oder PS2 Controller. Leider kann man die Zuordnung der Tasten nicht frei festlegen, allerdings ist die vorgegebene Zuordnung schon in Ordnung. Einstellung Steuerung auf Wischen, Controller: Rechts: pitch und roll, links Cockpit View, Steuerkreuz Throttle und Flaps. L1 View Menu, R1 Copilot Menu, L2 und R2: Lenkung Ruder und Bugrad und Bremse. Damit lässt sich sehr feinfühlig fliegen. Die Steuersymbole auf dem Bildschirm sind dann auch ausgeblendet. Der Screen ist sauber

    Taste A: Start, Taste B: Menu, Taste X Fahrwerk ein/aus und Taste Y umschalten auf die bevorzugten Sichten.

    Leider findet sich nirgend in den Hilfen oder Tutorials irgend ein Hinweis darauf.

    Ich bin seit AFS2020 dabei und habe es erst vor einem halben Jahr bemerkt, durch Zufall.

    Ich nutze einen Gamesir G31 Pro an Samsung Tab S8+

    Does Aerofly FS 2023 support game consoles?

    Yes, I use a Gamesir Xbox controller. Throttle and flaps on the directional pad, sight on the pad on the left, pitch and roll on the right pad. Roll on the ground with the two buttons on the back right, left, brake by pressing both buttons. A,B,X,Y not used.

    To use the overlay operation together with a controler it might be helpful to switch on the controler only when the simulator is STARTed.

    i know this workaround, but this isn't a real a solution. Because you lost the overlay when you want to change weather, Navigation or you want to practise landing procedures. you have Always to cut and c onnect the Controller again for every new flight .

    Hello, I would like to share my experience. I am now flying the fourth version and am extremely satisfied with the development of the simulator. With the many tutorials you have taken a giant step to give people like me the opportunity to operate an airplane in the depths of navigation, ILS Vor and so on. I fly A320, Learjet and Cessna.

    I use the Gamesir pro 31 via Bluetooth. When I start the simulator, all control panels disappear except for the co-pilot. I can no longer switch views and can therefore neither take a tour of the aircraft nor enjoy the view on long flights.

    I can't brake either,only rev Trust works with the directional pad, which is useless on taxiway. On the gamepad, the A B X Y keys are not used. They would be good for landing gear, brakes and trim. The directional pad operates the gas pedal and the landing flaps. The accelerator pedal moves so slowly in the A320 that the aircraft reaches the end of the runway before VR.

    In general, it would be good if you could map the keys yourself and if screen operation were still possible. Because thrust on the control pad makes little sense, it would be better on the left pad, so you could move the gas up and down very quickly and achieve fixed positions like climb level even better. General i miss a tutorial.

    It's just frustrating and sometimes impossible to pan the tablet back and forth and maintain course, speed and altitude while operating various things like trim, flaps. Be silent about the helicopter. Especially in approaching when you want to fly by hand, the gamepad is simply nicer and somehow closer to reality. It would also Wishfull e to connect a joystick, e.g. trustmaster a huge asset to the game. I'm about to upgrade to the Galaxy Tab S8+. I no longer want to pan around in the area with a 12" tablet when I operate the simulator. So, perforce, I'll stick with my Huawei M8.

    I hope I was able to bring you closer to my issus and one more question btw. how do i get the weird green square path defaults off the screen? I can't find the relevant button.

    Greetings Arpad Molnar

    German native speaker

    Hello, i answer your question as follows:

    Concord, No cold and dark. Makes Sense because there is still no tutorial.

    Vulkan ist a Hardware Feature in high end devices

    In Germany 3,99€ the App, all US Szeneries exept east Coast and Florida includet.

    Two plane packages each 5,49€, and 6 areas 0,99 to1,99 € each.

    8 GB with San Francisco area includet.

    I hope this answers your questions.

    For myself the Upgrade hast no major Aadvantages to the 2022 Version. The still poor usability with a gamepad is still the biggest shortcoming of this excellent simulator