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    Check out the B777 tutorial that uses LNAV and VNAV:…oeing_777-300er

    You need to have a full route which you can set up with the Aerofly FS navigation menu or from within the cockpit using the CDU.

    You should also start your flight on the departure runway or make sure to taxi to the correct runway.

    1. On the ground, turn on both flight directors. The flight mode annunciator on the PFD should then show TO/GA as the lateral and vertical modes.
    2. Select the desired V2 speed in the MCP (e.g. 150 or 160 knots) and select a desired altitude (at least 1000ft above altitude on ground)
    3. With a route programmed you can then push the LNAV button to arm the route for when you get airborne and push the VNAV button to arm it after passing the acceleration height. LNAV/VNAV should then be visible in the second line of the flight mode annunciator in white.
    4. Arm the auto throttle with the A/T switch
    5. Once you are lined up with the runway you can push the TO/GA buttons on the thrust levers to engage the auto throttle. Don't use the copilot menu overlay for this as the copilot could also disarm LNAV/VNAV
    6. Takeoff manually and follow the flight director guidance (or turn on autopilot once in the air)
    7. LNAV should engage first followed by VNAV

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    ILS 和跑道有时不对齐。欧洲。尤其是希思罗机场,但不仅如此。美国好。

    计划进行跑道/ILS 对准校准更新。但我没有说今年。

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)
    February 4, 2022 at 7:27 PM

    Okay thank you!