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    The "View" button on your Xbox One controller likely toggles between different camera views in FS 2023. When you press it, it temporarily changes the function of the right analog stick from controlling the yoke to adjusting the camera angle or perspective. Pressing it again should return the right analog stick's function to control the yoke for flying the aircraft. This button is often used to switch between cockpit view, external view, or other camera angles to enhance your flight experience.

    Thanks for the info. Mind you I'm playing on the 2023 version of the game. I discovered that the "Y" button switches between cockpit-external-follow cameras, the left analog stick pans the camera and the left shoulder button gives access to other view options. That seems to conflict with what you said. I tried pressing the view button but when I do I can't control any view with the right analog stick as you said. No other button is responsive when I press it.

    Also, I noticed that pressing the view button brings out my Android phone's own buttons(the back button, home button, and the recent apps) on my screen. Maybe it's supposed to be used for quitting the game.

    I didn't mean the view button on the screen, that question would be absurd. The view button is the name of a particular button on the xbox one controller. On the right, there is the "menu button" which is signed with 3 horizontal lines, and on the left the "view button" which has 2 squares interlapping. I was asking for that one.

    I've recently bought FS 2023 on android and I'm using the Xbox one controller with it. I couldn't find a manual or info on key bindings so I tried testing buttons in-game and figured out most of them but I don't understand what the "view button" does at all. When I press it, the right analog stick loses its function to control the yoke until I press it again. Can someone tell me the use of that button?

    Hi Mario, thanks for the information. I wasn't sure about the 90 knots. The video you linked doesn't have subtitles so I didn't understand everything there. If I remember correctly my plane proceeds at about 120 knots during descend and approach. This is with the flaps and gears open. That's where my real issue is. I guess I might be doing something wrong or maybe I should cut the throttle to less than 16 manifold pres. to obtain 100 knots. I will try this next time I play.

    I’m trying to get used to flying the B58. I have found some information about suggested power settings that goes like this:

    Climbing - 2.5 rpm / manifold pres. 25 inches

    Cruise - 2.3 rpm / manifold pres. 19-23 inches

    But I’m having trouble slowing down the plane for landing before the approach. Again in a video, I saw an instructor say “manifold pres. should be about 16 inches; mixture and props should be full” toward the landing. But if I do those things; even if I extend flaps and lower the gear, the plane goes a little too fast for landing(90 knots I presume). Can someone describe how to arrange power controls to make the plane slow down?