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    The Concorde sim turned out great. Nice job. Really enjoy flying the aircraft. Clean her up and she really hustles!

    Concorde Question: How am I supposed to see and reach the aft overhead panel switches such as the Nav Lights, Roof Light, Engine Probe Heaters, etc.? My perspective is such that I cannot see them properly from either seat. Your help would be greatly appreciated. 🙏😊

    Re: Landing/Taxi Lights.

    Developers… I had the runway & ground illuminated on previous mobile versions but that’s no longer the case on version 2023 with my iPhone 7. Did something change? I know my phone is older but I figured the function would be grandfathered in? Do others have this same problem?

    Thank you. :/


    There’s a problem with the Cold & Dark Startup in the Q400. When C&D is selected, the propellers are advanced to the Max RPM setting as there initial position. Of course, the previous flight crew would have left the props in the Fuel Cutoff position.

    Thank you for your help. 😺

    The King Air C90 EFIS is designed to display two simultaneous navigational sources as either a NAV Source or a BRG Source.

    Unfortunately, the BRG Source is not displayed except when it’s an ADF source. If you select VOR2 as your NAV Source (or FMS1) and VOR1 as your BRG Source, ONLY the NAV Source will be displayed. The bottom line…it’s impossible to tune two VORs and display both for navigation. This makes navigation considerably more difficult then it was designed to be.

    Thank you for your help. 😺

    Please render the Sun’s shadow from the landing gear and wheels. It appears, this problem applies to all aircraft. It looks very strange without the proper shadowing…the aircraft appears to be suspended in the air when it’s on the ground. This problem has previous write-ups dating back 8-years! Is this related just to my older iPhone?

    Thank you for your help. 😺

    Thank you for the help.

    Well, I just repeated my lighting experiment. It is in-fact switching the toggle switches behind the yolk (I can hear them toggle). Keep in mind, the yolk is displayed and the switches are obscured from view. The sim is allowing me to magically access the switches right through the yolk! This access only occurs during night operation.

    Again, thank you. Love the sim.

    There’s a programming bug tied to the timer and instrument panel lighting on the Baron 58.

    When using the Timer function button on the yolk’s clock/timer, the instrument panel lights will intermittently turn off and sometimes, on, with each button push.

    Example: During a night-time procedure turn, starting the timer will often turn off ALL panel lights AND the timer’s backlight. With a completely dark cockpit it’s impossible to find the timer button to turn the panel lights back on (assuming they will).

    Thank you.

    I suspect you’re familiar with this issue. If not…

    Re: Cessna 172, Baron 58 and many other aircraft. When the rudder is set to Manual mode (in Settings) the nose wheel steering is extremely sensitive. Rudder movements of just an 1/8 inch on the screen generate large nose wheel angles. It becomes very difficult to steer the aircraft straight with such sensitivity. Is it possible to program the rudder nose-wheel steering to be exponential in nature? It appears to be linear, or close to it.

    Thank you, again for your help. :)

    I am an iPhone user.

    Thank you, all.

    Developers: I hope you don’t mind my squawks – I know you have a great deal of fixes to deal with as it is. Just know, I’m greatly appreciative of your work. :)

    The Autopilot in the Baron 58 is missing an indicator. The Vertical Speed mode is missing a negative sign when setting a decent rate.

    The Baron 58 has a DME readout issue. When the Bendix DME receiver is placed in the Remote (RMT) mode with a valid station tuned, neither Nav 1 nor Nav 2 receivers couple.

    Thank you for your help.

    There is a visibility issue with the pilot’s HSI in the Baron 58.

    When using the HSI for a precision approach, the yellow Glideslope indicator (bug) cannot be seen when it’s parked off-scale either high or low. Currently, there is a TINY yellow bug, but it’s way too small to be seen.

    Thank you for your help. I appreciate the work everyone puts in. The Aerofly FS 2022 is an outstanding sim.

    Baron 58 Question: Forgive my ignorance but what is the indicator that has a digital readout just below the annunciator panel? On the ground it’s generally 14.8 and decreases in flight. I’ve included a pic. Thank you for your help.


    The following are inoperative in the Baron 58:

    • Annunciator Panel lights
    • Stall Warning Horn

    • Fuel Boost Pumps (left and right)

    There is a bug in the Baron 58 programming. When the throttles are advanced to full power, the following Light toggle switches turn ON:

    • Strobe, Beacon, Nav, Taxi and Ldg.

    When the throttles are retarded to idle the following light switches turn OFF:

    • Strobe and Ldg

    Thank you for your help.