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    Hi Jan,

    yes that is right. I have the DVD Aerofly Version and the online update to the newest version.

    But I think that the crash of my Win7 System (16 GB RAM, 2 GB Nvidea GTX 760) when I fly some minutes within the Himalaya region nearby Lukla Airport has nothing to do if I use the installer for Lukla or not right?

    So if the 2 GB VRAM graphic card is not the limitation and reason for the crash what else could it be. Could you see something within the tm.txt file I uploaded yesterday?

    But on my older Win7 System (16 GB RAM, 2 GB Nvidea GTX 760) I can install Lukla correctly but after sometime (10 mn), during my flight in this area, the PC crashes and directly before this happens I can see that the textmem is going to nearly 2 GB and the system freezes during loading new scenery.

    But then there must be another error in the software.


    I think I found some errors within the Lukla Mt Everest add-on, which cause the described misbehaviour (error messages, crashes or the airports and scenarios are not found at all).

    Error 1: The path to the uninstall file is incorrectly entered in the Windows Registry. The backslash between the scenery folder name and the uninstall file name "... sceneryuninstall..." is missing.

    Error 2: The system requirement was specified incorrectly. According to the specification 2 GB Videoram Garfik card. However, the Lukla scenery in some areas takes 3.9 GB so just under 4 GB Videoram in the highest resolution. Unfortunately, this significant additional demand beyond the given specification is also not monitored or intercepted, which then leads to an immediate crash and freezing of the PC, if the graphics card has only 2 GB Ram.

    Error 3: If the default installation path was changed during the Aerofly setup (i.e. the default path was not used), Lukla does not install itself in an addon directory for Aerofly but inexplicably under the Scenery main directory. Although Lukla seems to pick out the correct path of Aerofly from the registry, the installation then takes place in the wrong directory. As already written in several Aerofly forums, you should never install addons directly under the main scenery directory of Aerofly, because then it just doesn't work properly.

    It would be nice if moderators or admins who have contact to the company of the Lukla software could pass this on, so that appropriate corrections are built into the software. I don't want everyone to spend hours finding causes for bugs in purchased software like I do.



    Hello all,

    has anyone experience with the Lukla add-on installation under Win10 (64bit).

    I have performed the Lukla setup and completed with no error messages.

    Under Scenery in the Aerofly directory a new subfolder for the Lukla Scenery was created (which contains further subfolders) which is about 8 GB in total.

    But when I start Aerofly I can neither find the airports with the search function nor the scenery when I go directly via map to the Himalaya area, I find there only the standard scenery.

    Can somebody help ?

    I use Aerofly FS 2 with the last update version Win 10 64 bit 32 GB Ram, 8 GB Nvidea RTX 2070