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    Runterladen müsstest du das so oder so, da bleibt nur die Frage, woher du es beziehst. In der von dir gewünschten Qualität verursachen schon ein bis zwei deutsche Bundesländer dieselbe Datenmenge, wie der gesamte Europa-DLC, wenn nicht gar mehr. In jedem Fall musst du für höhere Qualität sehr viel mehr an Daten herunterladen.

    Ja... da brauchst du dann Luftbild-AddOns, wie oben erklärt. Du kannst dir mit dem AeroScenery-Tool selbst deine Luftbilder in gewünschter Qualität aus diversen Quellen herunterladen oder schaust bei nach vorbereiteten Luftbildern, die du dann dort herunter lädst. Das besagte Tool müsstest du auch dort in der Filebase finden.

    It seems to me you can land on every building without falling through them in AFS so in theory hopping from one hospital to another one should be doable if you set up the starting point manually even if the airport technically does not exist. I really like how AFS handles the flight starts and that it lets me start anywhere even if there is no airport defined. The only thing bothering me in this regard is that I can't start cold and dark if not starting from a defined airport.

    Steam does not create 'game lag' nor does it cause any other issues for me and most people. Can you describe your issues a bit more detailed? What exactly do you mean with 'game lag', is this some sort of input delay or bad fps or stuttering?

    I'm not an expert reading the AFS log files but there are some lines reporting missing objects errors. Also, if some aircraft work and others don't, there might be some corrupted or missing files in your installation. If you have some time to wait try a file verification in steam for AFS4, if there are any broken files it will fix them (this might take some time depending on what dlcs you have downloaded as steam will check all these dlcs as well).

    I'm pretty confident that more features will come in the future. The concept of creating the basics first and most important, doing them right, and then add more features later one by one is an excellent approach in my opinion. Other simulators are packed full of features but there are a lot of problems regarding basic things like image quality, performance, flight model, sound and so on.

    For example, if I have no real time weather, I can still enjoy flying with a great performing and beautiful rendering using a manual weather setting but if I get bad performance, the visuals look unpleasant to me or the aircraft's engine sounds are getting on my nerves then I don't need real world weather nor ATC nor anything else because the experience is just not enjoyable for me. Regarding my original favourite simulator at one point I found myself spending more time working on having fun with it than actually having fun flying because of all the various issues it created for me over time.

    Mmmh... I don't think so. An updated graphics API is no magic and most likely just adds new API features but not necessarily improves performance significantly. Of course there are always optimizations and new features also can help with efficiency but overall I would not expect some magical turbo boost from an API update.

    I'd like to join here. I was on the fence of stopping flight simming completely because of different situations I have with other simulators but AFS4 does it right for me exactly in the fields where others fail.

    • Clouds look great. They are crisp and beautiful and overall a joy to looak at. The so called volumetric clouds others offer did not impress me at all because they are blurry and don't look right, I think the computing power is just not there yet to make so called volumetric clouds look right which would require to render them in much higher resolution grids. So far, I prefer well done billboard clouds because they just look better.
    • Overall image quality is excellent, no blurry rendering at all, everything is crisp and clear and looks just right (obviously I don't like blurry stuff in any aspect)
    • High resolution ortho imagery looks stunning in this sim, other sims using the same or even higher resolution imagery don't render the imagery this good.
    • Helicopter flying is excellent, feels slightly better than in X-Plane for me.
    • Aircraft sounds are good, partially amazing (X-Plane's fmod just sounds dull to me, there is just no fidelity in the sounds and I tried a lot of aicraft there).
    • Performance is great.
    • Forests look great, billboard trees never looked so good in any simulator, the way how the engine handles the transparency is excellent (X-Plane is very weak in handling this kind of transparent textures, it can't really fade them out so you see hard edges).
    • The High Quality Antialias is phenomenal, removes flickering almost completely on my 1080p screen.


    As I said, the PSU might work if you go for a very efficient new graphics card, maybe with the AMD RX 6600XT but it's more likely it won't be powerful enough, especially with the 3060ti which needs a lot more power than the slightly less powerful AMD. Sadly I can't tell you how AMD cards compare to NVidia cards in Aerofly FS.

    admin Can you tell us how well AMD cards work in Aerofly FS compared to the same class NVidia cards?

    Well... if you have a micro ATX case I really recommend to check if the actual graphics card model you buy (not all 3060ti are the same size) fits into your case. Some cards, especially the powerful ones, are pretty long and don't fit into smaller cases. If your case is this one the larger cards should fit well judging by the pictures there. Just make sure the card is not longer than 350mm and is a dual slot design (some are triple slot designs), then it should work.

    As for the PSU, depending on it's build quality (if this is a old and cheap LC Power just forget it), it might be enough for a 3060 or 6600XT but I expect it to be to weak for the 3060ti which has a higher power consumption - anyway, I guess you will need a more powerfull PSU for any of the GPUs mentioned before.

    The noise heavily depends on the actual graphics card vendor and model so you should look for comparison reviews and check how they do.

    is a card with 3080 in the description "better" than 3070? And 3070 "better" than 3060, so on and so forth?

    Exactly - and this is true for both, NVidia and AMD cards. Then, if the card has suffiy like "ti" for NVidia or "XT" for AMD it's faster than the non-suffix version but slower than the next higher number (3070ti is faster than 3070 but slower than 3080).

    Please get a least a NVIDIA 3060 TI

    As AMD cards of the same performance class are still somewhat less expensive as their NVidia counterparts - how well do AMD cards in Aerofly FS? I would expect with Vulkan they should do fine but perform significantly slower with OpenGL.

    A Radeon 6600XT for example is, on the paper, just slightly slower than a Geforce 3060ti but significantly cheaper too.