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    Guys, relax. The developers have the answer to everything. They usually respond - change the device to a more powerful one, and if your device is one of the most powerful, then all errors are fixed in Aerofly fs4😂. In a word, they are not particularly interested in our problems. Good luck to everyone and a speedy update of the flight simulator🤝

    I Wonder if there will be another Update for Aerofly 2022 ? .It's the end of July already.

    A simple,,Yes or No,, would suffice.


    It's a big question for many. But the developers prefer to ignore it unfortunately. Probably do not consider it necessary to answer uncomfortable questions.

    I apologize in advance to the gentle moderators and other representatives of ipacs for their direct criticism. But this is not criticism, I just want to understand whether the simulator will progress in the near raging. I really don't understand why if, as the admin writes, "we have fixed most of the errors within the company, and present fixes in the next update" they don't publish this very update? Okay, there was an FS4 reason. The entire developer resource was thrown on a new simulator for computers. But the FS4 release took place! And the update of the mobile simulator 🤷? And even that's not that important. All we players want to know is the time frame for the release of a new update. If this information is secret, or private, write about i

    The simulator crashes every time you try to perform straightening. In mcdu, go to the "direct" section, select the waypoint to which you need to perform straightening and the simulator crashes. The same thing happens when you try to remove a point from the route via mcdu.

    To many of the errors found in the simulator, the developers replied that they were fixed in the developer version, or wrote excuses that this wax is not errors). And so what we have at the moment. No updates for almost 6 months! Promises to release an update after the release of aerofly fs4, which was already released some time ago. What's strange is that according to the developers, that all errors have already been fixed in (developer versions), what prevents them from updating the mobile version of the simulator? They used to say that they threw all their strength on FS4 for computers. It would be interesting to hear what excuses are now. In general, all this is very upsetting. They say that there are problems with the capabilities of mobile devices. Well, make modules for download, make them paid. Everyone who needs to pay, and even if necessary, will buy a powerful mobile device. Make the cabin textures in good quality, make them paid. You follow the very multifunctional model A320, but the textures are terrible. The A380 textures are great, but the plane is not detailed. What's the point? It turns out that you can make both well-developed systems and aircraft sounds, and textures! So do it on the same plane! There are a lot of seemingly minor flaws, but they affect the overall feeling of the simulator as a whole. Why is LSZH airport the most sophisticated airport simulator, does not have normal night lighting? After all, you even installed lighting masts, but they are not functional. If it's a matter of motivation, make the scripts paid. I hope for feedback. I'm sure many people are interested in the release date of the new update. We are all looking forward to the game program, and we are ready to pay for it.

    Many people have such problems. I noticed that this does not happen on all aircraft models, but on most of them. It doesn't matter what the flight was (day/ night) and how long the flight lasted. As soon as you park and turn off the engines, the game crashes. It is noteworthy that this problem began to manifest itself after the update, which by the way was already almost six months ago. But developers are not much concerned about this. To any bug found by the players in the simulator, they respond that everything will be fixed in the next update, but we (the players) will most likely not wait for the next update. P.S I still think this simulator is the best, so I get very upset watching the developers ignore critical errors in the game leading to the application crash. All the best 👋

    5 months ago, the last simulator update was released. It's a catastrophically long time. But what's most frustrating is that the developers do not name the release date of the new version. All appeals from users and chat participants on this topic will remain unanswered. Unfortunately, the best mobile simulator becomes the most abandoned.

    Good afternoon. All Boeing aircraft presented in AF 2022 do not have the ADF beacon display system. That is, frequencies are entered in mcdu, but the arrow tingles the direction not on ADF but on VOR, while the plane itself chooses which the thief will prick the arrow. Please fix it. Without ADF, many SID and STAR cannot be performed correctly (according to the jeppesen scheme). Adequately, the middles work only in Boing 737

    The user interface on mobile is mostly limited by space available on smaller devices, for the full realism we offer a product that runs on pc, mac or even linux, where you can connect any number of input devices and have free options to assign any slider that you want.

    You can already do a lot on mobile, e.g. use the touch input to trim the aircraft. Not ideal because you need to look down. You can also just engage the copilot for a few seconds which will also trim out your aircraft.

    It seems to me that before eliminating all the inconveniences of the interface on smartphones, it is necessary to make only a button/reverse control lever. From the fact that when braking by pulling the slider below zero, the autobrake is disabled, to activate the reverse it is necessary to move the camera's view down to the engine control levers. In this regard, control over the direction of movement of the aircraft along the lane is briefly lost. And in a side wind, this is heretically important.

    It would indeed be nice to redesign the UI for braking. It works well in general aviation but for airliners it doesn’t allow to do a landing properly.

    By sliding down to activate thrust reverser auto brake is de-activated and the plane brakes as hard as it can, and if you reduce the input then the spoilers also half retract when they should stay fully extended.

    It would be nice to be able to have a thrust reverse control when pulling down throttle and a brake control linked to the rudder ( like pulling it up ) ☺️

    Мне кажется , до того что бы устранить все не удобства интерфейса на смартфонах, достояно сделать лишь кнопку/рычаг управления реверсом. Из того , что при торможении путём оттягивания слайдера ниже нулевого значения, отключается автотормоз , для активации реверса необходимо переводить взгляд камеры вниз, на рычаги управления двигателем. В связи с чем кратковременно теряется контроль за направлением движения самолёта по полосе. А в условиях бокового ветра это еретически важно.