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    Hi Folks, can I first say that I have been like a salesman for IPACS since I discovered Aerofly FS2.

    I fly helicopters primarily and the flight model on the heli in FS2 is best in class.

    I have all the other flight sims on the market loaded into my PC but I keep going back to FS2 because of the superb flight model and how it doesn't stress my PC.

    I have downloaded every DLC for FS2 and keep going back to ORBx Innsbrook, which is outstanding.

    I have purchased FS4 and downloaded all the free DLC's and I hate to say it but I have been a little disappointed for the following reasons.

    It is resource hungry (I have a gen 12 intel with 32 gig of ram, all ssd storage and a 3060 graphics card) and it struggles in VR on a Quest 2. Screen tearing and micro stutters etc, even turning down in game settings.

    I do have a question and that is, can I use all my FS2 downloaded DLC's which I paid quite a lot of money for, in FS4? If the answer is yes, this will make FS4 more useable and if the answer is no, I will be one very disappointed Aerofly fan.

    I would love some feedback on the various point above.

    Many thanks :)