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    I am having an issue I think is similar. I just bought a Honeycomb bravo throttle quadrant yesterday that I added to the 20 year old wingman stick and throttle combo I’ve had. Both are calibrated in both windows and Aerofly. For the first day the new set up was amazing with no issues. Felt almost like the real King Air I fly. But I tried some single engine stuff pulling back different combos of throttle, fuel, and props and ever since then, my two throttle are in conflict it seems, where the plane’s throttles will go full idle, full throttle, or creep back after setting at baited paces. I’ve tried putting the joystick slider at both ends, full on or full off, as well as leaving it in the middle, and it occasionally works for a bit to allow me to use the bravo with things working correctly, but eventually, usually on short final or take off it starts going crazy again. I tried to shut off the joystick throttle axis but can’t figure out how. I read somewhere on here you could delete an input but the delete key didn’t do it and I seem to only be able to turn off the whole joystick or leave it all on in the controls and inputs sections. I’ve rebooted as well. Any help?


    I just tried to go to Borrego (L08) to see if the box was there. The airport actually isn’t even there but the faded scenery of it is still identifiable, as are the box markers next to the runway.

    Great review. I’ve noticed the landing light comes back on after turning it off in the king air as well. Not sure what that’s about but doesn’t seem like it’s just in the Blackhawk. I’m looking forward to getting the Blackhawk when released, this review was a good preview, thanks!

    Another new difference i just noticed: In FS2 I could land on buildings, for example, at KSAN. In FS4 I sink through the buildings if I try to land on them. Is that a setting I need to adjust or a new change that I just can't do it any more in FS4?

    Thanks. I see in the controls section where I can use both and see yellow and green sliders differentiating between the inputs that are registering, but I can’t see how to disable certain functions of each. For example, if I let go of the puma cyclic stick, it leans forward, and even though the other wingman control stick is also registering, when I go into the game, the puma cyclic is still the main control and the stick stays forward on the plane even if I pull back on the other stick. I’d like to disable that portion of the puma but still retain the puma pedals. How do you disable portions?

    Thank you

    Is there a way to use multiple HOTAS-type Joysticks together? Here is what I am trying to do: I have a Proflight Puma Helicopter controls set, and I use it for both Helicopters and Fixed wing. I would like to be able to have some stick re-centering forces when flying the fixed wing aircraft, but the Helicopter controls do not re-center. I wondered if I could use the pedals and/or collective/throttle from the Puma and an old Wingman joystick I had, that also has a twist stick rudder and throttle slider attached, but I'd only want to use it for the stick portion? It doesn't seem I am able to, but I wonder how people buy just pedals or just a stick and combine them. Do they plug into a central tie and then into one USB? Or can you use multiple together and assign or unassign some functions?


    Just getting back to this after a while away from helicopters in FS4. I had given up and had just gone back to FS2. I just decided to try again and recalibrated the puma controls in windows and both FS2 and FS4. Today I also tried playing with the dead zone. That actually seemed to help but I still don’t understand the difference in sensitivity between FS2 and FS4 if the flight dynamics model is the same. In FS2, puma controls sensitivity is set to about 1/3 low and dead zone is set to none. The R-22 is in FS2 sensitive as it should be (comparing to real world experience), but very flyable. In FS4 I have the puma controls set with sensitivity to full low, and now dead zone set to 3/4 high. I found that helped a little, but the FS2 R-22 still flies easier/better than the one in FS4. Looking at the displayed controls, in FS2 they show much more movement than in FS4 with the now-dampened settings, as I’d expect, but the pendular reactions are so much greater in the FS4 model that I can’t understand where the change is or how to correct it yet.

    Hi there,

    I have a PUMA PFT control set and found the same issue when i first ran the game, I had to recalibrate in windows and then in the game. Dont forget to use the little red centre guide. Now its all good and I didn't have to mess with dead zone or sensitivity at all.

    Good luck!

    Thanks. Did you try FS2 again after? Does it mess it up or change the calibration there after fixing it for FS4?

    Update. I’ve moved the to sensitivity to full low in Aerofly FS4 but still find it way more difficult to precisely control the R-22 vs in Aerofly FS2 so I find myself primarily going back to FS2 now when I want to fly the helo. I’m a real world helicopter pilot so I do understand how touchy they should be. I’m just not understanding why they seem different if the flight model didn’t change between the two versions. I like the AI traffic additions in FS4 though for practicing formation along with the scenery upgrades.

    I recalibrated within FS4 and that, or something else like the back and forth restarts, seem to have helped the sticking controls. But the touchiness, especially in the cyclic while controllable was still too sensitive in my opinion vs what I’m used to real world, and as compared to FS2. I bumped the sensitivity down a touch and it seems to be back to what I’m used to. FS2 is still in the middle sensitivity position though, so I’m still not sure what’s different but it seems to be working better now.

    One additional new issue I’ve noticed is the start up screen in the VR goggles sometimes moves a little with head movements, as do the clouds (distort/elongate). FS2 no issues with the startup screen moving, though the clouds themselves are new in FS4. Is that a graphics adjustment issue?

    The physics are the same, maybe you need to adjust the graphics quality to get the same frame rate? And calibrate the joystick and set the deadzone? For the same frame rate and the same visual picture you need to select a lower graphics quality in FS4. It is tuned for higher performance graphics cards.

    I’ll see what I can adjust.

    Reverb G2.

    Corsair VENGEANCE I7300 GAMING PC, I7-12700K, RTX 3080, 2TB M.2, 32GB DDR5-4800

    Having fun with the AI traffic to fly formation with in the new version. But for some reason, the R-22 seems uncontrollable in the new version. I have the puma helicopter flight controls and can fly the R-22 in Aerofly fs-2 very well, but in Aerofly fs4, it’s uncontrollable. The cyclic seems to stick/delay vs the movements made and the pedals stick or do not work as well. Swapping back immediately to Aerofly fs2 with the same controls and everything’s perfect again. Any ideas? Do I need to do some new controls tweaks in the new version? It all works fine in the king air in both versions.


    Any tips on how to get approaches to load in the King air FMS? I fly a real one (350 model) with the same proline 21 FMS and I can get certain features to work right and certain ones do not. Today for example, I loaded a flight out of KNZY to KNZY and there was only one arrival and no approaches listed. Maybe that just depends on which airports it has fully supported. So I tried KNZY to KSAN next door, and the approaches listed, but I could not go direct to any fixes my usual way. I tried manually flying to the final fix and swapping the mode from FMS to LOC manually my usual real world way of clicking on the Lower left PFD and nope, doesn’t work. Seems a good bit is modeled and a good bit isn’t yet, or at least doesn’t work for me with my limited sim knowledge. I tried building the fight plan both in the cockpit and beforehand on the navigation page (and did not see approaches listed there.) Any tips on the King Air? Thanks!