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    First off, I enjoy FS4 immensely - well done! The smoothness in VR is such a pleasure.

    I found the landing lights a big improvement over FS2, and they cast down the runway much further than some 'other' sims. I noticed today that something has gone wrong when viewed in VR. I presume this is the result of one of the recent small updates. (??) Specifically, the illumination of the runway surface only appears in the lower fifth of the view. It works normally in desktop view. I tried Open GL, and back to Vulkan. I have attached a screenshot below to depict the in-game image.

    I did read of another user citing the R22 landing light creating a triangle of light on the ground, as I recall. I checked the R22 and it was not a triangle, but rather the same lower 5th of the view showed the light, but it was absent above that jagged line.

    Varjo Aero / I9-11900K / RTX 3080ti / Windows 10 / SteamVR

    If there are any suggestions, please let me know. If not, hopefully this can be duplicated by IPACS and rectified in the future.

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    The screenshot is taken using the 787-10 at KMRY, Monterey, California.