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    too bad. FS 4 still performs the best of the flight sims in VR.

    On another note, are there any companion apps that use the telemetry from a flight sim and give navigation/traffic support like an ATC would?thnxs

    Trinity Site is about 150km south of Albuquerque. It does not have a large visible crater like at the cluster of nuke craters about 25 km WSW of Area 51.

    White Sands missile range has an old Space Shuttle landing strip but the poor resolution of that area makes it hard to find.

    Also a Space Port 90 km SSW of Trinity that was funded by Virgin for the sub orbital launches they were planning to have from there.

    I haven't seen any aliens in FS4 but have seen them in another sim maybe msfs2020.

    When the developers add detailed scenery for New Mexico maybe they can have a ufo crash with deceased aliens at Roswell.

    New Mexico would be a great area for detail; Very Large Array, Roswell, White Sands Missile range, Trinity site, several air force bases, diverse topography, etc.

    Yes flew there a few times. So far I've found two UFO wreckages.

    If you taxi behind some of the hangers you will find a moon landing setup. I wouldn't doubt if there are other easter eggs inside hangers or buildings.