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    Affects latest release version v4.0.1.15, also affects the Beta channel.

    As the title says, using the mouse in VR to select buttons and switches has become a bit of hit and miss affair.

    It's like the mouse cursor is no longer aware of of the exact positions of objects in 3D space. If you wobble the mouse, or look away and then back again the sometimes the mouse cursor will find the right position.

    VR controllers still work, but their implementation makes them awkward for me to use - buttons press as soon as you touch them without any further input - this means I end activating all manner of stuff I didn't want to.

    A better way IMO would be visual/haptic feedback when you touch a button, and then a controller trigger press to activate the button. Also rotaries are awkward as I can never seem to grab them, maybe again visual/haptic feedback when you touch a rotary combined with a "snap to grab" when you press the trigger.

    On a positive note I'm really enjoying the sim, especially with the european scenery.

    Thanks for the suggestions, that's more or less what others have already suggested in the past.

    Regarding cameras:

    For me the need for custom cameras shows there is a lack of default cameras.

    What camera views would you like to see added to our airliners for example?

    Now you're going to get 1000 and 1 opinions on default cameras - maybe a custom camera would take up less development time, and allow users to get that perfect camera angle.

    However as a VR user the only camera I'm really interested in is the cockpit camera, and I'd like it to allow for up/down, Forward/backward, and left/right which would then become the default VR centre position. If FS4 does this already then please ignore, and I'll eventually find it myself.

    Edit: Just found a possible solution - RE: VR controller pointer option

    Yeah I agree, I have all the flight sims and the only 2/3 that I use regularly are Aerofly for general and commercial aviation and VTOL VR/DCS for military aviation.

    As a predominantly VR user the only things I would wish for in Aerofly are:

    1. just a basic ATC - even with other aircraft in FS4 I still feel like I'm flying in a "raptured" world. But I'm aware of the challenges faced with doing this

    2. A map in VR - even if it's just on a disembodied floating window.

    3. Controller profiles per Aircraft - or if it's simpler just multiple controller profiles - my Dash Q8 controls differ from my Airbus controls which differ from my GA controls and it's a pain remapping just to fly a different aircraft. This may already exist, but I've not found any obvious way of doing this.

    4. Improved VR controller cockpit interactions - I'm not singling IPACs out on this as none of the major flight sims have got this anywhere near right. The only "Flight Sim" to have nailed this to perfection is VTOL VR. In fact I'll put my money where my mouth is and if the devs contact me by DM/PM or whatever it's called these days then I'll gift it to them just so they can see how it should be done.

    Oh, and just one more very minor thing - Norwich Airport in the UK - you need to get rid of those massive 4 engine widebodies blocking the terminal building (in fact all widebodies). They wouldn't land there and if they did they wouldn't be going anywhere further, other than being scrapped and loaded onto trucks. The only commercial aircraft you get at Norwich are turboprops, small regional jets (Embraers and possibly the odd 737 if KLM or TUI doesn't have anything smaller at hand) and helicopters flying to and from the north sea oil rigs.

    Trying out the new FS 4 with the Dash 8 and I noticed that the prop condition levers are not working correctly.

    I have them assigned to two separate axes, one for each lever. When moving the axes the prop condition levers seem to have a mind of their own, always returning to the front most position regards of the position of the axes. This occurs until the axes are moved fully backwards and forwards through the the entire range after which they appear to function normally. Unfortunately doing that means that the Fuel Cutoff is engaged at some point - which is a bit of a bummer when in flight to be honest.

    In FS 2 everything works as expected, with the condition levers moving to the correct positions in accordance with the position of the axes.

    I'm using twin Thrustmaster Boeing throttle quadrants with the Prop Condition levers mapped to 2 axes the second quadrant. In the control assignments for twin props I've deleted all default assignments for the condition levers (there weren't any anyway) and mapped the axes that I need 2 or 3 times. The axes are detected and move correctly according to the indication within the control assignments.

    I can retest using the Bravo throttle quadrant, but based on the correct detection and movement within the control assignments of the Boeing quadrants I suspect the problem will remain.

    Many thanks for looking into this - it's my favourite commercial aircraft.