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    does anyone know why the sound would suddenly

    stop working in the game? I checked my computer

    and I have sound there it just stopped working in the game.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    High Folks,

    Is there somewhere else other than Steam I can Purchase

    this Simulator? I love the Simulator but I hate Steam. I purchased

    it from Steam have had nothing but problems. I have tried everything

    I could find on you tube to fix the Horrible Game Lag and it does'nt work.

    the game is not fun to fly. I know it's not the game and I know it's not my

    Commuter because I've run MSFS2020 and it ran fine. I have no problem

    purchasing from another if its available elsewhere.

    hi folks,

    hope someone can help me with a few issues i'm having with the game.

    I just came over to this game from MSFS2020 and my frame rates are worse than they

    were in MSFS2020. I have everything set on LOW and it's like watching a stop motion

    movie. Also my mouse pointer is jumping all over the place in the game making it real

    to click on things in the cockpit. Any help would be much appreciated.