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    Got this sim and have been messing around, love it. Yes, no Snap Rolls or Spins as we know it. Problem is a stalled wing(s) has some pretty complex fluid dynamics going on. I don't think any desktop sim can truly model this. Move the CG aft a goodly huge amount and you'll see the aircraft does not do the tail heavy dance of death we have come to love (dread). It acts more like a reduction of mass damping on the pitch axis equally positive and negative pitch. Without a proper stall break we are not going to get there. A option is a "canned" stall spin programmed in. Yuck! Other than that I've noticed the sim is doing some pretty subtle and interesting modeling during flight. I think the flight model is capable of a lot finer resolution however the developer has to keep people with slower computers in mind. That said I'd say this sim is on the edge of greatness barring the stall problem. Kind of wonder what would happen if all 16 AMD CPU cores were thrown at the problem full blast, probably not much.