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    I'd rather see a long-haul Airbus first, though. Besides, the source material for a realistic MD11 would probably be somewhat limited. For new users, I don't think that an MD11 would attract them as much as an A330 (which I've recently noticed newer users christen as "butter machine") and the A350, which is capable of highly versatile operations.

    The MD 11 doesn't have to come now,but we'd just like to see it someday in the future.

    I'm also having the same issue. I can run the a320, 787 and 777 perfectly fine at 30fps locked with about 60% pixel density but when flying the max and the NG it fluctuates significantly, varying between 15-25. This could happen because the devs might be using much more advanced and intricate modelling and texturing for the max and the NG( Tbf this is expected as currently the max and the NG look way better than any other aircrafts in the game) . But then again I'm playing the game on the iphone X s max which is like the bare minimum in terms of hardware performance so this could also be due to devices. What device are you using?

    I have the Samsung s10,which is slightly less powerful than the iPhone xs max, and the 739 ng and 737 max both run at 40-60fps in most airports on medium settings and 100% pixel density.

    There's no passenger view for the moment. The only thing you can do if you're on Android is to modify the [plane name].tmd file of the aircraft file to modify the views. But not all of the planes has a cabin, so you should modify the B747, b787 and b737-500 to see a cabin inside.

    How do i modify the files? What can I use to open the .tmd files

    Go and play on the playground. I'm trying to draw attention here for the benefit of people. I'm trying to pioneer something that hasn't existed for years. If you don't want up-to-date data, you shouldn't subscribe to Navigraph anyway. Aren't you illiterate? Users who do not want to do this do not need to subscribe. separate subscription already navigraph. Are you so rude to interfere with something we're enjoying? Nothing will happen to you. If you don't want it, you can still not subscribe and fly with the old data. I already mentioned it in my article above. It's a matter that doesn't concern you. Why are you blocking us by writing to attract attention? If you don't want to fly professionally, go play on the playground, play in the sandbox, what are you doing in the 320 cockpit?

    Okay this is really getting annoying, they gave a perfectly detailed explanation on why they can't implement navigraph at the moment. They explained everything very clearly,what's so hard to comprehend???

    What's the performance difference between an 8g3 and an 8g2 is FS global, I know the 8g3 can run the 8g3 can run the game perfectly, but I have an 8g1 that can't even dream of running the game, and looking at some throttle tests, the 8g2 averages more than the 8g3, specifically oneplus 12r and 12, so I wonder, is there any driver difference between both socs and which would run fs global better ? Hope admin can answer

    Go for the newest chip(8 gen 3),It would run any game better

    I had the same problem on my former Samsung exynos android device last month, and I had to change my phone just because of that issue. Everytime I entered a flight,I got stable fps of 45-60 fps for the first 30-40 seconds, and then it drops significantly to 10-15fps for the rest of the flight making the sim almost unplayable. I complained about it but it wasn't fixed because I was the only one facing the issue then,so I had to change my phone

    I understand. But wont it be possible if its placed on middle because i see other mobile sims has its free cam controls on empty area between both sides thats filled with buttons even the there isnt like visible button by swipe u control movement of camera. I am just saying im not a guy with experience i know you know better than me

    I think placing it in the pause menu(the box shaped icon containing the pause and traffics option) will be better, they could add alot of buttons there and it won't fill the screen.

    Does the simulator experience lag on your device? Here in mine there are a lot of lags in large scenarios. I set the graphics to high and turned off the frame limiter. My device has a Snapdragon 865 processor.

    I run the Sim on medium settings,I don't experience much lag. I get stable 30fps most of the time,but the Sim is just sluggish when panning in the cockpit and outside.

    Hello, I just wanted to ask if the Boeing 737max will come to Aerofly global and when will that happen.

    Yes the 737 max will come to aerofly fs global soon. There is no fixed date for its release though,but there is a high possibility that it will be released before the end of this month.

    I think they should share some roadmap as a "to be" changelog on what they are working for next updated and versions.

    At least that put everything on a path and people would see their requests addressed and on which order they are being done aswell.

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    Nope,what if that update/feature that people need wouldn't come until in a much later time,that will just cause more frustration and complains