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    My fps stuttering issues return with fs22 fs23 , really bad now when I taxi round any airport with any plane , and with all veiws , so tryed something else today , set a380 at Frankfurt cold in dark start fs22 got everything all going on the jet except engines , at that point I did my own fps screen test by cycling through the veiws especially tower zoom in zoom out , lovely and smooth , same as others , then started engines , within about minute , stuttering started up again paning round jet zooming in out from tower terrible as was taxing , did it again , this time I turned off engines only and everything went smooth again ! What the hell is causing this problem , oh fs21 has no issues at all smooth all the time. Any plane any where , is it ios16.6 is it fs22 fs23 , is it both , all my other apps are ok my cell has 89% copacity holds charge and charges fine , Apple need to get their act together with these updates , dumping so called battery protection features etc to protect our phones when it’ maybe that , that’s stopping our sim from working ok , as I no it did back on iOS 14 15 so angry rite now because of this issue , maybe it’s to make me go out and buy a new phone , which is what Apple want haha! At least I have fs21 to run ok but it’s like I gone 2 steps back , some great stuf in fs21 mind , bitter sweet .

    I also have been haveing performance issues with af2022 , as follows , my device iPhone 12 4 gig ram 64 storage latest iOS 16.6 , my phone has been getting hot ever since I updated from default iOS 14 onwards , I turn everything off like updates background refresh , location services , and any app features I don’t use , but recently I have noticed a massive improvement in smooth steady 30fps even when taxi around Frankfurt Heathrow , and I think it may be due to my Samsung to not set up correctly , because I went into advanced picture setts and set to smooth and picture noise etc to auto , now every time I start fs22 it’s fine , I use apple hdmi adapter feathered to tv high speed cable , my phone just gets warm now not hot , I did try fs23 and it improved but not as reliable as fs22 , I always have problems a380 fps but with fs22 a380 is way good now in its fps nice in smooth , I stil think it’s to do with ios16 but thankfully my tv sorted out it , thing is I run grid and alien isolation high settings now problems atall

    I believe it’s been mentioned already , but any chance cold start positions bug at Heathrow can be fixed , every time I set up a flight from Heathrow have to remember not to start at a certain position or we get the crash restart logo and replay bar pop up , have noticed time to time this really messes up the sims performance when it happens , stuttering in all veiws mode fps drop , also when I get email or sms come through in the background Aerofly again stutters , massive fps drop so I have to swipe up in out check their is email their read it close mail go back to Aerofly to bring back the smooth performance and fps , any advice or help would be appreciated

    after setting up a flight 777 from munich to zurich . had no issues this time with the auto pilot , behaved as it should intercept localiser for runway line up deselect for manual apraoch to landing , concorde also behaved as should also , first flight since the new update with concorde , going to experiment with other locations and airports to see if the problem returns , before i run fs i hard boot my device volume up down hold power button so not saying solves problem but maybe helping , must say i like the new veiws , keep going ipacs your stil the masters of cellular flight sims

    since i added new ios update , now having problems with setting an altitude with autopilot , keep getting a constant ticking sound , which normally disengages when aircraft is lightning up for selected runway upon pressing landing icon , if i turn autopilot off it stops turn back on comes back , it’s totally unplayable and unreliable to use 777 at this time , a similar glitch 787 , with the latest update has their been any optimisation for ios 16.6 as fs runs a lot smoother now iphone 12 64 gig 4gb ram ios 16.6

    Been having major problems running fs23 on iOS 16.5 , but after some searching on the net found out that if you go to Face ID settings scroll down , select the external devices option to on , you should have no heat issues when playing sim teatherd to apple hdmi adapter to tv , no fps or jittering , hope this helps anyone haveing the same problems as I have

    Have found a pushback service at Tenerife south airport , select the right side cold dark position , prep 320 ready for taxi with apurunning , do not start engines , when ready release parking brake , aircraft will now automatically start to push back , you can control left or right turn while moving , to stop just put brake on , it did stop by itself for me just before I got to taxiway , have tryed this with other airports and positions but did not work so this may be a glitch

    Many of you ask IPACS team for extra content in any future update , apart from gate pushback , one thing I would love to see is more general aviation craft , piper Cherokee , piper tomahawk as examples , really into fs23 ios now and it performs excel ant better visuals etc and better performance , on my tv with hdmi adapter , I may have ago at customising a flight yoke with a bracket to fit my device , may take some time to get it rite

    Just want to say how pleased I am with fs23 iOS , after 3 long flights with concord , one of which had to be Heathrow to jfk , blew me away ! , the new night flying scenery is way better , and papi lights on centre lines of taxi ways all the way to a parking spot is fantastic for airport ops at night , great work IPACS with this addition .

    Been useing Aerofly 22 on my iPhone 12 for some time now , but have noticed that when I use a380 , specially when landing at Heathrow , playing back a replay I get heavy stuttering on screen , fps says holding at 30fps , any other aircraft is fine and in other locations , interested to hear if any other users have similar issue