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    Recently purchased a led projector to run fs23 , a Goodmans one , 60£ , I run it at screen size of 80 inches and wow ! Now I really feel like ime in a320 pit ! , something I always wanted and now you can get one so cheap now , picture quality really good for price , does anyone else sim on a projecter would like to read from you , can’t get all of fs22 regions from history to re-download part 2 of 2 part areas won’t display after downloading base sim , shame wanted to try it out on big screen

    As much as I hate to say it , because I love the sim so much , decided to stick with fs23 indeffantly , reasons being it’s totally unreliable over my ee network 5g , I plan a flight on nav page screen , and I find most time sitting their waiting for the terrain on map to fully load out to proper resouloution , and also when I click on fly now from an airport start position my plane is their but airport and scenery details don’t load up straight away , again this is why I don’t like internet active sims or games for that matter , on a personal level , for me fs23 is by far the better sim overall , for performance , for overall detail , for basically all the airports I have visited so far , and the fact it works perfectly and fast every time , I hope soon to get adequate pc to run a desktop version , what with cost of living crisis and other factors I don’t have super fast reliable internet with home hub etc , only my selular device

    So the latest iOS update for global is a massive difference in visual and performance , been testing it a lot and have found the airports to be as or the same in structure and detail , example , Seattle is now like it was in fs23 , Sam Francisco has all the buildings back , Oakland the same , Sacramento also , I even have extra skyscrapers in NY , I have noticed pylon towers and generic structures are gone now but not complaining because ime so glad the airports are fixed and the city lites stil work as does airport terminal lites , and it hasn’t crashed on me so far , I hope in time airports globally like Atlanta Tunis and so on can be implemented as theirs only a runway and taxi strips and locations , but for now this is great , it’s like having fs 23 locations airports detail with the city lites , that’s enough for me , my device iPhone 12 4gig ram it gets warm sometimes when running it , and I did encounter a small 2 second stutter when I was pushing back out of Portland gate but recovered quickly , my fps is a steady 29/30 , traffic on low set , 3d cloulds on low set , pixel density 80 but stil testing that , merry Xmas iPacs team and thanks for sorting out iOS issues for us users , oh one more thing in a replay I can see the tug with the aircraft , mention that as ime sure I read somewhere that it could not be seen by someone else

    4gig on device , on fs 23 airports are amazing detail as is res of scenery , I noticed on global iOS on the nav location page if you set a start position at airport , and start amediatly before letting the map resolution fully load up , the aircraft will be sitting on a blurry field , is this a lag in server or other issues

    I would like to say sorry to iPacs for my previous posts running down fs global iOS, after reading so many upset users of the sim on iOS I understand where they are coming from , think about it , we have global destinations now rite ! But what is the point of flying from say , Frankfurt which looks ok quite dense in buildings on my iphone12 no taxiway lites , to an airport to find their is no airport but their is a runway , for me as it is now this sim is best for full nite flying only , dawn day dusk flying best for fs23 , seeing what my device can handle it does feel like the sim has gone backward in visual detail , structures buildings etc , I don’t understand why Frankfurt , airports around Sweden as example look fine detailed , then go to US Seattle airport and theirs just about the main terminal drawn , or London city a runway only like a lot of airports I seen so far , spawn testing

    My fps stuttering issues return with fs22 fs23 , really bad now when I taxi round any airport with any plane , and with all veiws , so tryed something else today , set a380 at Frankfurt cold in dark start fs22 got everything all going on the jet except engines , at that point I did my own fps screen test by cycling through the veiws especially tower zoom in zoom out , lovely and smooth , same as others , then started engines , within about minute , stuttering started up again paning round jet zooming in out from tower terrible as was taxing , did it again , this time I turned off engines only and everything went smooth again ! What the hell is causing this problem , oh fs21 has no issues at all smooth all the time. Any plane any where , is it ios16.6 is it fs22 fs23 , is it both , all my other apps are ok my cell has 89% copacity holds charge and charges fine , Apple need to get their act together with these updates , dumping so called battery protection features etc to protect our phones when it’ maybe that , that’s stopping our sim from working ok , as I no it did back on iOS 14 15 so angry rite now because of this issue , maybe it’s to make me go out and buy a new phone , which is what Apple want haha! At least I have fs21 to run ok but it’s like I gone 2 steps back , some great stuf in fs21 mind , bitter sweet .

    I also have been haveing performance issues with af2022 , as follows , my device iPhone 12 4 gig ram 64 storage latest iOS 16.6 , my phone has been getting hot ever since I updated from default iOS 14 onwards , I turn everything off like updates background refresh , location services , and any app features I don’t use , but recently I have noticed a massive improvement in smooth steady 30fps even when taxi around Frankfurt Heathrow , and I think it may be due to my Samsung to not set up correctly , because I went into advanced picture setts and set to smooth and picture noise etc to auto , now every time I start fs22 it’s fine , I use apple hdmi adapter feathered to tv high speed cable , my phone just gets warm now not hot , I did try fs23 and it improved but not as reliable as fs22 , I always have problems a380 fps but with fs22 a380 is way good now in its fps nice in smooth , I stil think it’s to do with ios16 but thankfully my tv sorted out it , thing is I run grid and alien isolation high settings now problems atall

    since i added new ios update , now having problems with setting an altitude with autopilot , keep getting a constant ticking sound , which normally disengages when aircraft is lightning up for selected runway upon pressing landing icon , if i turn autopilot off it stops turn back on comes back , it’s totally unplayable and unreliable to use 777 at this time , a similar glitch 787 , with the latest update has their been any optimisation for ios 16.6 as fs runs a lot smoother now iphone 12 64 gig 4gb ram ios 16.6

    Been having major problems running fs23 on iOS 16.5 , but after some searching on the net found out that if you go to Face ID settings scroll down , select the external devices option to on , you should have no heat issues when playing sim teatherd to apple hdmi adapter to tv , no fps or jittering , hope this helps anyone haveing the same problems as I have

    Have found a pushback service at Tenerife south airport , select the right side cold dark position , prep 320 ready for taxi with apurunning , do not start engines , when ready release parking brake , aircraft will now automatically start to push back , you can control left or right turn while moving , to stop just put brake on , it did stop by itself for me just before I got to taxiway , have tryed this with other airports and positions but did not work so this may be a glitch

    Many of you ask IPACS team for extra content in any future update , apart from gate pushback , one thing I would love to see is more general aviation craft , piper Cherokee , piper tomahawk as examples , really into fs23 ios now and it performs excel ant better visuals etc and better performance , on my tv with hdmi adapter , I may have ago at customising a flight yoke with a bracket to fit my device , may take some time to get it rite

    Just want to say how pleased I am with fs23 iOS , after 3 long flights with concord , one of which had to be Heathrow to jfk , blew me away ! , the new night flying scenery is way better , and papi lights on centre lines of taxi ways all the way to a parking spot is fantastic for airport ops at night , great work IPACS with this addition .

    Been useing Aerofly 22 on my iPhone 12 for some time now , but have noticed that when I use a380 , specially when landing at Heathrow , playing back a replay I get heavy stuttering on screen , fps says holding at 30fps , any other aircraft is fine and in other locations , interested to hear if any other users have similar issue