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    Ime aware that has been mentioned about missing scenery over Seattle near to Boeing field , but I found another just like it , a direct flight from Seattle to Sacramento , as I recall was a right approach runway , I can’t remember how many miles out to landing but a large blacked out area , at the moment , more than anything else , including pushback , this is what I would like to see fixed and updatable , the Seattle area flying over or near to Boeing fld from say Paine to Seattle or narrows is my favourite ground scenery , love the colours and textures , so I have to fly that kind route a little further away from those airports etc to stop that ground bug from popping up , just ruins my enjoyment a little their haveing to keep planing flites to avoid that showing up , but , this sim is awsum , I have latest iOS on my iphone12 , keep going iPacs your leading the way

    Many of you ask IPACS team for extra content in any future update , apart from gate pushback , one thing I would love to see is more general aviation craft , piper Cherokee , piper tomahawk as examples , really into fs23 ios now and it performs excel ant better visuals etc and better performance , on my tv with hdmi adapter , I may have ago at customising a flight yoke with a bracket to fit my device , may take some time to get it rite

    Just want to say how pleased I am with fs23 iOS , after 3 long flights with concord , one of which had to be Heathrow to jfk , blew me away ! , the new night flying scenery is way better , and papi lights on centre lines of taxi ways all the way to a parking spot is fantastic for airport ops at night , great work IPACS with this addition .

    Been useing Aerofly 22 on my iPhone 12 for some time now , but have noticed that when I use a380 , specially when landing at Heathrow , playing back a replay I get heavy stuttering on screen , fps says holding at 30fps , any other aircraft is fine and in other locations , interested to hear if any other users have similar issue