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    Hello, I have a question for you, currently updated airports like Lukla airport are not available in my FS4 and I don't know how to open the global view, it doesn't have any effect when I open it on my FS4!

    Hello, I am a loyal player of Aerofly FS4, and I am also a pilot in real life, and I love flying very much. There is also a large simulated flight group around me. Here I have a suggestion for the future of FS4, which I hope you can adopt. In addition, the landscape of this work is very beautiful, I think even comparable to Microsoft simulation flight, you can add a few more fixed wing navigable aircraft, can fly lower, to visit the landscape, and although the passenger plane flies high, but because of the current FS4 navigation data, and there is no good experience, I think the research and development focus can be more inclined to navigable aircraft, For example, PC-12 SR-20 C-208 MTB-930 Diamond 40 these mainstream fixed-wing aircraft, have intelligent G1000 avionics at the same time can also enjoy the earth scenery, I hope you can see, can adopt, thank you very much, from the Chinese fans!