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    Hi all, What if anything can be done about airports that are started by a member , and then they abanden it. I would like to do our local airport, fscloudport said not allowed already done . was started in 2019 by yoda@01na, he has been inactive since 2019. thanks .Rudder

    ps. who is yoda?

    HI everybody,well i have my password for cloudport, started local airport, first problem, watched tutorial did not see how to delete objects, hangers etc, until i can find one that fits i have unwanted objects on the field. I will appreciate any help. thanks. rudder

    Hi everyone i am trying to use blender 3.0 the model is ok. I am having problem getting the export TGI plugin to show. any help will be appreciated .Thanx rudder. I am not sure if the plugin should work in FS2.

    windows 10, nvidia geforce rtx2070 super. ERROR:1ERROR: could not load device-level Vulkan function named 'vkGetPastPresentationTimingGOOGLE'

    ERROR:2 (TrackWindow failed) ERROR:3 (airport invalid icao='L05'tsc='scenery/airports/custom/us/l05/l05.tsc')

    do not know how to send the log it is 8pages long. the above errors are what i found. thank you .RUDDER

    UPdate. looks like the prob. solved. Task mang. showed fs4 running all the time, checked fs4 log with fs2 log .showed fs4 never closed.did restore from steam, fs4 now running ok. All i need know is for spit40 to give me the code for fscloudport and i will be in clover with aerofly. Thanks for all your help have a merry xmas. rudder.

    here we go again, not doing very well with aerofly, unable to get on fscloudport is one thing, now my steamversion of aerofly fs4 will not start. It run at first. checked log could not see any errors. feel like i should stay with {xplane ] any help would be appreciated thanks rudder.