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    I don't feel qualified enough to make any comment about some of the more technical/developmental aspects that have been mentioned above, I'm not what you would call a 'deep flight simmer' However, when it comes to the VR aspect (Which, quite frankly is the reason I got it in the first place) I think Aerofly have done a remarkable job in that I can create a flight plan from within the headset with relative ease. The in cockpit functionality is excellent, those hands are spot on when operating stick/yoke/switches etc.

    From the casual flier point of view it's a good experience, From the VR user point of view it's highly immersive, smooth and enjoyable...But that's just me :)

    If you haven't already found it, I forgot to mention the in cockpit moving map in the form of a tablet that sits on your lap in VR. You obtain that by pressing M on the keyboard. It's the only in flight map available whilst in VR.

    Hello paulieidk,

    If you press the A button on your right hand oculus controller for a second or so a transparent graphic appears showing how to get to the different view points. Pushing the left thumb stick forward allows you to go to various external views, pushing the same thumb stick right and left gets you into different sub views such as positioning yourself at the airport tower etc. The trigger on the left hand controller brings up a green coloured HUD.

    Personally, I find it a little sensitive on the controllers, it tends to jump around quite a bit, I use the keyboard to get to different views and moving around the aircraft from the outside is much smoother using the keyboard arrow keys.

    higgy, If you like paramotor trikes in flight sim you might be interested in this (if you haven't already seen it) it's early access available on steam...

    Glider Sim on Steam
    Experience the ultimate sensation of gliding through the sky! Built for real glider pilots in mind this simulator is as close to real as it gets. The sim can…

    I Haven't tried it as yet so can't make a comment but the reviews are positive.

    I'd love to see ultralight/microlight aircraft introduced into the sim at some point :)

    I might be in the minority here, I tend toward the lighter planes for my flight sim experiences, I enjoy casual flying, airport hopping and exploring using VR.

    So there's my formal request to the developers...An ultralight please :)

    After a little bit of trial and error it seems to be a combination of running the sim through virtual desktop and possibly to much weather going on in the sky, less cloud cover definitely improves smoothness but also there seem to be less of those black shapes. that's not conclusive on my part and I'll be testing that theory out a bit more but when I ran it through oculus air link I didn't have any problems.

    I like virtual desktop as it seems to make for a stable connection and works well in other VR experiences and the general flight and flight control operation in the sim is very good but maybe air/cable link is the way to go, we'll see !

    Thanks to everyone for the input :)

    I already have them at lowest quality settings for a smoother frame rate in built up areas. Even at medium on the quest 2 it gets a bit shaky when flying around large metropolitan environments.

    This happened most recently in the San Francisco area with the black shapes, it seems also to be connected with head movement, when I look over at them they sometimes expand and then disappear when I look away. It is random and doesn't always occur but I thought it was worth mentioning as it does affect immersion in VR.

    Large, flat, black squares are suddenly appearing in the distance while flying, they look like geometric cloud shadows but they definitely shouldn't be there. Most recently it happened in the LA area but also around some of the eastern United States environments. When looking directly at them and then looking away they have a tendency to expand before disappearing altogether.

    I'm using a quest 2 headset through steam VR beta. Anyone else having this problem. It's become more apparent today.

    Thanks in advance.

    Are 'Thrustmaster' rudder pedals compatible with the sim and can I use them in VR ?

    Here's a link to the set I'm thinking of getting, they seem to be the cheapest on the market but get good reviews. Thanks in advance :)

    Pedalset TFRP (Thrustmaster Flight Rudder Pedals)
    Thrustmaster proudly presents the TPR: the expert rudder system designed for flight simulation, featuring Thrustmaster’s PENDUL_R technology – a unique,…

    Thanks for the information,

    I've already tried changing render/resolution settings from the desktop app with not much difference, I think the default is 72 Hz, I tried it on 80. I also turned off Vsync in the sim setting it at 60 with very little change again, I'll try out your suggestion of disabling vulcan.

    It's not a huge problem of course, there are lots of other places to fly in the sim that are very smooth even at higher settings but I was curious as to whether other Quest users had tinkered and tweaked with any success.

    Thanks again for the input micropig :)

    Have any Quest 2 users found that 'sweet spot' for a smooth frame rate when flying around some of the larger cities such a New York, London, Paris etc ?

    I've tried a few different setting scenario's, generally, the one that works best is to go to low graphic quality settings and knock all of the trees out of the scenario but even this is a little jittery at times. Would the Oculus debug tool help to fine tune this and if so how do I get to it ?

    All other area's in the sim are fine and run smoothly on high graphic settings.

    Thanks in advance :)

    OK, everything seems to be working again in Steam VR :) I didn't see any update notifications, i'm assuming it did it automatically.

    VR hands seems to be working fine now and I can navigate the menu through the quest controllers. I think the quest controllers are a little sensitive when scrolling through different aircraft views so I might continue using the keyboard function for that.

    Is there much of a difference in performance/quality when using the oculus VR mode over the Steam VR option ? Is one more preferable to the other ?

    Thanks for your help, much appreciated.