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    VR hands no longer function in the cockpit of any aircraft in Steam VR, I'm using a quest 2 headset with link cable.

    I can see them and when I move the controllers the hands move but the fingers are static (index finger pointing forward) I can flick switches with said finger but can't operate yoke/flight stick or throttle. Also, none of the buttons on the controllers work so I can't get back into the menu.
    When I switch to the oculus VR mode option everything works OK, it's just steam that's an issue. I created a ticket on the 14 October but haven't heard back as yet, are any other quest users experiencing problems ? any advice/help would be appreciated.

    Got it ! I was looking for a dial on the instrument panel that had the word 'trim' but it's actually a small dial on the top left that reads nose up, nose down. When I use the trim keys on the keyboard it moves up and down and trims perfectly in flight...Thanks again for your help Master Overloaded :)

    I forgot to mention that I'm flying in VR, I can't see anything representing trim or auto pilot in the cockpit. The plane generally wants to nose upwards even at low speed, it's difficult to keep level with just the stick but of course I am a novice in this particular aircraft.

    Thanks for the response Overloaded, the keys I've assigned to trim function on the PC keyboard move the stick backward/forward but no real trimming as such. I don't think it's there in this sim. It's still a good plane though :)