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    Looks like there are new custom airports being added, Denver now has buildings. Anyone else found new stuff?

    The terminals at this airport have already been completed since the 2020-2021 versions of Aerofly if I'm not mistaken. I believe there have been no updates regarding the terminals in Denver.

    As much as I hate to say it , because I love the sim so much , decided to stick with fs23 indeffantly , reasons being it’s totally unreliable over my ee network 5g , I plan a flight on nav page screen , and I find most time sitting their waiting for the terrain on map to fully load out to proper resouloution , and also when I click on fly now from an airport start position my plane is their but airport and scenery details don’t load up straight away , again this is why I don’t like internet active sims or games for that matter , on a personal level , for me fs23 is by far the better sim overall , for performance , for overall detail , for basically all the airports I have visited so far , and the fact it works perfectly and fast every time , I hope soon to get adequate pc to run a desktop version , what with cost of living crisis and other factors I don’t have super fast reliable internet with home hub etc , only my selular device

    There is great difficulty for developers in finding good satellite images. And these images often cost a lot of money. Even so, the developers have already promised to bring continuous updates and improvements in all scenarios. Be patient as this is not done from night to day.

    1) yes youre 98% right i still dont know what the hell im doing with the new 737

    2) i got a dev response already, your entire post there was totally unnecessary. i see your overprotective attitude towards the sim still hasn't gone yet.

    edit: get up to 35,000, set 267 knots indicated on the MCP, then stick it in the CRZ thrust/N1 limit and tell me if the airspeed starts bleeding back.

    I defend what is right. As I mentioned in the previous answer I did a complete flight on the 737-900ER and didn't encounter any bugs. I support the sim because I see that the developers' work is great. Of course, there is nothing perfect in this life and there are flaws. Despite this, the simulator will be better worked on over the months as guaranteed by the developers.

    None of the airports in this area of the map have parking gates or cold and dark, and some of them look wrong.

    Doesn't the eastern part of the map belong to the world? I bought this version again so that I could fly in these regions. If I didn't I would still have Aerofly 2023 installed instead. And you want to get paid for this every month, right?

    Fuel and cargo loading for aircraft are included in all simulations. What kind of separation do you have?

    Do you think it is easy to work in each of the more than 7 thousand airports that exist in Aerofly FS Global? This is something that takes time and money. It is not something that can be done overnight given the high workload of adding 3D terminals and general aviation hangars at airports that are incomplete. Be patient as the developers have already clarified that they will gradually add terminals to these airports.

    okay so i appreciate that weight and balance is a big thing to implement, but that means that every aircraft is programmed to handle a certain way. yesterday i took the new 737 out, 33,000 feet, in the CRZ thrust limit, and while it did take a lot longer to climb, it seemed happy at altitude. no idea if i'm doing something wrong, but at flight level 350, 267 knots indicated (M.785) in the CRZ thrust detent, the speed just gradually creeps back, like it's too heavy to sustain flight at altitude. have to leave it in CLB 1 to keep my speed or else it will eventually stall out. same for the 747; anything over 35 or 36,000 it seems too heavy to be able to cope with the altitude. 35,000 shouldnt be a big ask for the 739 but it seems with this one that it is. is it because i upped the V/S just beforehand just to get it to climb quicker and didnt climb slower like i did before?

    what kind of altitudes and speeds do you guys cruise at with it? do you ever touch the thrust limits once it's in cruise or leave it in CLB, CLB 1, etc

    Edit: the autobrakes on the 739 dont seem to automatically disable from RTO after takeoff as well unlike every other Boeing in the sim

    This allegation is unfounded. I just took a flight on the Boeing 737-900ER and everything went smoothly without any problems. You are probably making mistakes when piloting the aircraft. There's nothing wrong with the plane. There is no bug that could compromise the flight on the 737-900ER.

    These three bugs you mentioned also occur to me when I fly on the Learjet.

    I don't understand why because i'm on medium setting,90% pixel density and full clouds and it always crashes. When i ha afs2022,i never experienced a sim crash and the settings were higher. Pls help

    Thanks in advance

    You have to check if your device supports running Aerofly. Not all devices are capable of running the simulator well as it is much heavier than in previous versions.

    In the past, when simulating on X-Plane mobile, I used Navigraph support a lot to update airac. In the case of X-Plane mobile, this support was paid for by the users themselves. As far as I know, the developers of X-Plane mobile did not pay for the airac update with Navigraph. The monthly cost of the Navigraph subscription is not very high these days.

    Unfortunately a new navigation database is too expensive currently. The database we currently use was at an acceptable price back then. Nowadays the prices are too high for a completely new database but we will keep looking for an affordable option. Keep in mind we need to be able to redistribute this database, modify it and it needs to run offline without any additional user account from a third party software.

    What about Navigraph support? This would be the best way to solve this outdated airac problem. Those who would pay for the monthly or annual subscription to update airac would be the users themselves. Or would IPACS have to pay Navigraph just to bring it to Aerofly? How does this issue work?

    I also noticed a strange texture on the switches on the Boeing 747 and other commercial jets (Boeing 777 and 787). And the name "taxi" on said switch is erased. Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    These switches really have a strange texture. This issue occurred after the last updates. I believe it will be corrected soon. Below is a screenshot from Aerofly 2023 showing the real texture of these switches on the Boeing 747-400. This strange color also appears on the switches of the Boeing 777 and 787. On the Boeing 737-900ER these textures are normal.

    LGA (LaGuardia New York) , LETL (Spain) , BNE Brisbane , SYD Sydney. Most of the map to be honest. But I will try to re launch the app and see. The issue was when I did that earlier it made it worse. And airports are not 3D for a lot of locations like SIN and IST. Thank you again for your time.

    We will have to wait for the developers to correct this flaw on the ground. The problem is on the server where these terrain files are stored. They have to correct it and then transmit it to us to see if it has improved.

    admin hello , thank you for your hard work on this app.

    Unfortunately still experiencing very poor scenery, worldwide. Deleting and re installing made it worse. Everything is blurred and most airports are blacked out. This is with an active global scenery subscription… my device has enough ram and is powerful enough. Please could you look into it?

    Which region are you flying over so I can check here? And what is the ICAO of this airport that has this black terrain?