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    747, is in good condition, everything is ok on the aircraft, no need for this.

    Quais aeronaves e sistemas de aeronaves específicos você tem em mente?

    In general, the air conditioning packs on all planes, I currently only bought the Concorde package, soon I will buy the other planes, and I have all regions, on the 777-300 hydraulic, electrical and air conditioning packs, on the 787- 10 electrical system, packs, on the a320 too, I think you should have to connect the hydraulic, electrical, and packs system from scratch, it would be very good, and on the outside, a functional hold option (hold) on the fmc and fmgs, very good for losing speed or altitude on chart and waypoint restrictions. On the new 737-800 that will come, I'm a big fan of this aircraft, being able to start it from scratch would be great.

    cold and dark of the plane could be more realistic, when selecting this option to turn on the aircraft from scratch, it always comes with several important systems already selected in AUTO or already turned on, there could be a more realistic option for those who know aviation, and turning on it's completely from scratch with all systems off, like in real life. A very good suggestion in my view, if it is not possible in the future, I understand, since the team's work has been very good on this 2023 aerofly with a very relevant optimization in question to the 2022 aerofly, which was very heavy. Hugs from Brazil 🇧🇷

    could add the function of waiting in the planes, to make a hold, very used in real life, you being very high or very fast, having to do this wait, I went through it yesterday, and I found that it does not have this function, when I click in the hold function in the mcdu of the a320, it does not go to any page. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    I am having problems at several airports on the arrival and approach part, most airports do not attach any of the arrival cards with the ILS, my question is, how can I fly like this? Turning on the LOC, (in boeing) close to the last waypoint of the arrival, will it proceed to the first waypoint of the approach, or use the HDG in the mcp, to place it on the right Radial of the first waypoint of the approach? This, in my opinion, is very annoying, the routes of the simulator itself made on the navigation screen do not hit each other. I await a response from this company that I admire the work very much. 🇧🇷🇧🇷.

    We will publish a new version in the beta channel for Android users today. The version number is This version only features aircraft lights and disables airport lights for now as the performance hit was just too big. We are working on a simpler airport lighting version for a future update.

    We would like to get some feedback how your FPS are with this version at busy airports like KSFO and away from airports high in the air.

    Please note: There are quite a few Android devices out there that do not support the aircraft lighting due to hardware and/or software driver limitations.

    I noticed that the navigation lights (NAV) on makes the fs lower too, on the ground in KSFO with 777, with navigation lights on and taxi or land on too, runs at 5 FPS, when it takes off and is at 15,000 feet, the land and taxi lights are off at 30 FPS, with the nav off it is at 40 FPS, mine is a redmi note 11, snapdragon 680, 2.40Ghz, 6+2 gigabytes of ram, adreno 610 gpu, android 12 with miui, with more optimizations within the game and the lights themselves, it would be better, congratulations to your team's work, always caring about the community, I look forward to new optimizations, congratulations to developers.

    Publicaremos uma nova versão no canal beta para usuários do Android hoje. O número da versão é Esta versão apresenta apenas as luzes da aeronave e desativa as luzes do aeroporto por enquanto, pois o impacto no desempenho foi muito grande. Estamos trabalhando em uma versão mais simples da iluminação do aeroporto para uma atualização futura.

    Gostaríamos de obter algum feedback sobre como está o seu FPS com esta versão em aeroportos movimentados como KSFO e longe de aeroportos no ar.

    Observação: existem alguns dispositivos Android que não suportam a iluminação da aeronave devido a limitações de driver de hardware e/ou software.

    on the ground it improved from 3 fps in the previous one to 5 FPS, 6 FPS, in the air outside it was already 20 to 30 FPS, more optimizations or a decrease in the distance that the light reflects would be good, but I believe that optimizations

    Ok, espera-se que o desempenho seja menor com aeronaves E luzes do aeroporto habilitadas nesta versão especial. Podemos ter que desativar a iluminação do aeroporto (dos prédios) para manter o desempenho aceitável. Podemos testar isso no próximo beta.

    There could also be an option there in the graph menu which lights to enable. for example, enable airplane lights, and in another column enable airport lights, both separately. That way you could balance the performance, and a tip the gate lights are not as important as the landing and taxi lights, good job to you. I'm going back to the normal version of Aerofly 2023 because I can't even play that one. but keep it up optimize more.

    With more optimizations to run on opengl, before it ran at 35 to 40 FPS, now it's at 3 to 5 FPS, crashing, it's a great job of you, I think with more optimizations in the lights and you can choose in the menu which lights to reflecting on the ground would be better, congratulations on the job.

    Tenho muita dificuldade em visualizar as chaves na parte de trás do Concorde por causa da posição inadequada da câmera que vira repentinamente para os lados e de cabeça para baixo. É um verdadeiro desafio acessar as chaves na parte de trás após a sobrecarga. A câmera tem que ser mais centralizada e mais fácil de manusear para que não haja dificuldades em acessar as teclas que ficam atrás.

    Realmente Beto, sou inscrito do seu canal

    Need to have a separate view for the top panel of the concorde, it is impossible to see the switches higher up, and also the other aircraft present in the game, the concorde more quickly. And if possible a new video tutorial on YouTube about the concorde to make the operation of the aircraft easier. Thank you, I await an answer.