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    Thanks for the reply! I just checked out the a320 cabin lights and yep it’s awesome! The button to control them is the seatbelt signs (correct me if I’m wrong); is this how it it will be controlled on other aircraft’s if implemented or will it be a separate button on the user interface (which I would believe is a little better).

    Another question I had is the city lights, is this something we will see? They looked awesome in Denver as well as in the screenshots I saw from the dlc’s. (I know some devices may not have the power to run this but it would be great for select ones to have it)

    Edit: I also forgot to mention Paris CDG and many airports in France which sadly do not look as good as some other airports in other regions; I sure hope Paris CDG will get taxi lights and be as detailed as London Heathrow (in terms of ground vehicles and terminal details since London Heathrow also lacks taxi lights).

    Hey Ipacs team!

    The 777 cabin lights at night are a really cool feature and add lots of realism but since usually during night takeoffs and landing they have to be turned off, is that something that could be added to the sim? It would be great to be able to turn them off during those parts of flight (and if added please make it something that players can control).

    I also noticed that most aircraft’s have appropriate sound levels from inside and outside but the 777 does seem to have quite a low sound level when in the cockpit. When taxing there is basically no sound at all unless you raise it quite a lot, which would make the sound when going back to an outside view extremely high. If this thing could be looked at and adjusted that would be awesome!

    Thank you! :)

    I really don’t know but maybe the 737 will have both the normal and split scimitars, kinda like the a320 (which has both), but of course im just making assumptions so don’t take my word for it :)

    Yep, I mentioned this issue but they don’t seem to have fixed it yet (of course that fine) but I sure hope they are able to include the fix in the future update.

    I’m on M1 iPad Pro 11inch

    Thanks for the reply!

    Yep I know that there is a time skip feature present but you need to have planned a flight and it brings you to the next waypoint I believe. (If I’m wrong feel free to correct me) but I was more thinking of a way to make time actually faster not to skip time :)


    Hi Ipacs team,

    I was wondering; is a way to make time faster (like in some other sims which let you make time go 2x to 5x faster) will be implemented in the future? Of course if it is quite a difficult thing to implement no worries; and I know those are small details. I’m also wondering if view shaking will be implemented? I’ve always felt like view shaking in the cockpit and maybe cabin views make the sim drastically more realistic (especially when it’s quite strong).

    Thank you so much for y’all’s awesome work on this beautiful sim!

    Maybe you could create a Google drive folder and put the recordings on their; and then send the link? (P.S. make sure it’s shared to anyone with the link if you do so :)

    I believe that all these bugs will be fixed over time because the developers are very competent at what they do. I also believe that many improvements will come over time for Aerofly 2023.

    Yep absolutely, I am confident they will fix them; just listing them so they can find what all the small bugs are :)

    Hello, I also noticed that some airports and in this case ORLY (ORY) have no runway touchdown zone markings implemented in the sim while they are present in real life. I am not sure if Orly is the only airport with this issue but I am quite confident I have seen this in other airports in the sim as well.

    Here are pictures for reference:)

    Hello IPACS team,

    I’ve found a few issues with the sound is Aerofly FS2023 as, sometimes, there is just none, and it does not change even when closing the app or IPad. I am yet to find a trend on when or why the sound cuts but it feels like a glitch with the sim itself.

    I am using an IPad Pro M1 11inch.

    P.S ; no I am not in silent mode :)

    I have encountered just a few bugs with the new 2023 Aerofly and here they are:

    The controls seem to completely switch sometimes in the sim and I have to restart the app and sometimes it doesn’t work either. Sometimes restarting the flight completely, also works. I usually use tilt to control the aircraft’s but sometimes those tilting will get inverted (for example I’ll have to tilt my iPad left to turn right) and it is impossible to fly correctly.

    I also found a glitch with the helicopter views as it seems that the HUD view is misplaced; I did screenrecord but the file is too big to share on this thread. For example the HUD view will seem to be placed way behind the aircraft so I you are trying to land using the HUD view you might crash easily as you will think you are at a correct spot while you are actually not (it did happen to me). I do not know if this issue is only on the new UH-60M helicopter.

    I also found a glitch in the San Francisco Bay Area in which an area seems to completely turn to black but it is not continuous; it is like big squares of satellite image turning on and of; again, I took screenshots but they are too big for this thread.

    Otherwise there was a few other glitches but they have all been mentioned like the elevation of some areas and things like that. Otherwise awesome job IPACS and I am very excited for the hopeful future updates that will make this amazing flight sim even better!

    I am using an M1 IPAD PRO 11 inch

    P.S I did have another account but I forgot my password and didn’t want to go through the pain of changing the password :)

    I have made a drive folder with the videos and screenshots of some of the glitches I have mentioned :)

    Aerofly – Google Drive