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    IPACS Support When will the simulator have a fix for the UH60 crashing my iPad? Almost every helicopter pad, runway and route will cause the sim to crash while using the Blackhawk. I've turned traffic and clouds off and everything else that takes up memory and still it crashes the sim almost 100% of the time. Please fix.

    The last time I spoke with the devs they said that it should be fixed for most Apple devices when they do the next update however they did not say when that update would be. Hopefully it'll be soon. Very hard to land at night when you can't see the runway.

    Oh yeah, it worked until their last update. The genius developers at iPACS decided that older apple devices and by older I mean a couple years old can’t handle that type of lighting. They’re supposed to fix it in the next update whenever that per the conversation I’ve had with them. I have a six generation iPad and with all those lights working prior to the last update I was running about 60 frames a second. Hopefully they’ll fix it like they said they’re going to.

    I was flying the Corsair out of the Nantucket airport and I spotted a 2 mythical liveries that we can’t access. See the pics below. Also, why are there MD-11’s sitting at many of the airports but again it’s something we can’t access. Yo, IPACS Support whats up with that? Are we going to be able to get these liveries and the MD-11?

    It's really weird that Aerofly has such low performance on your tablet. I believe that this occurs because of the processor used in your device, which must be weak and not support the simulator very well, which is extremely heavy by the way.

    Might be right. I ordered a new tablet that'll be here tomorrow. If that one doesn't perform better I'll just have to cough up more money. lol

    I have an Android tablet that I purchased last year with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The only way I can use Aerofly FS 2023 is on the lowest graphic setting, with no traffic, no clouds, and 60% pixel density. Only then I get close to 30 fps. I would love to use this tablet over my IPad but I can't with the performance issues. So I'll continue to use my IPad which runs the simulator amazingly with great graphics and almost 60 fps before they stole my lights shining on the ground. Hopefully, they'll fix the light issue with the next patch.

    This issue is occurring on which aircraft? Here for me everything is normal. None of what you reported is happening here on my device.

    This issue happened to me yesterday on the A320 while using my PS4 controller. I have a video of the flight on my YouTube channel and you can clearly see when moving the throttle back to thrust climb the auto throttle shuts off and needs to be re-engaged. Raybo

    Sorry, I forgot that the mobile version doesn't have this.

    No worries. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something with that. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly on this. Hopefully I'll be able to get an answer on my original post in this thread about the dynamic lights not working on my iPad anymore. My model number is up in the thread a few messages ago. I know you guys are very busy so I understand if it takes a little bit to get an answer, but hopefully in the next few days or by the end of this week I'll get an answer from you guys on my iPad and dynamic lights. IPACS Support

    The flight information also shows the throttle and flap position.

    I don’t see the throttle information anywhere on screen except the display underneath the auto pilot stack. It’s not a big deal. I understand if this game isn’t meant for a PlayStation controller. I was just more curious than anything. Not sure if I missed something in the settings or something of that nature. My main curiosity still is with the dynamic lighting, not working on my iPad when it worked flawlessly for many years until the latest ““ update. My model number is a few messages above this one. Hopefully I will get an answer on that soon. IPACS Support

    I fly with a ps4 controller. I just flew with the A320 and Cessna. It works perfectly. Usually, when I have problems with my screen it is because it needs cleaning.

    Does the throttle position and flaps position show when using the controller? They always showed up on the left of my screen before using a PS4 controller. Since I switched to a controller the throttle slider and flaps position don't show up anymore.

    Hi: I just started using my PS4 controller to play Aerofly FS 2023 on my IPad. It's fun to use but I am not sure if I'm missing something or not. When I use the controller I can use the D-pad to control the throttle and flaps/slats. However, the throttle and flaps/slats icons that usually show up on the left side of the screen no longer show up. It really makes it impossible to know what position the throttle and flaps/slats are in when I don't have the info on the screen. I have to continually look down to see their positions when moving them. Has anyone figured out how to fix this?

    Here’s a picture from a week before the latest update. Almost 60 frames a second dynamic lights on my iPad. Now I have no dynamic lights with a so-called update that didn’t update anything. It only took things away. The update says dynamic lights are not going to work on older devices. I have a sixth generation iPad it's only two and a half years old. Fix this please it has worked every year and it worked FLAWLESS Until your latest update.....I mean downgrade. How can I get a refund? Pay all this money every year barely any improvements and one of the most amazing things about your simulator you just took away from thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of IOS users. Please fix this..I'm so let down IPACS. IPACS Support

    I tried it on my android tablet as well. The dynamic lights work but even on the lowest graphics settings with zero traffic and zero clouds I'm getting like 20 fps. So because of this latest update I can either have dynamic lights at 20fps, or no dynamic lights at 58fps. Before the latest Aerofly update I had dynamic lights at 58fps on my iPad. The update says dynamic lights are not going to work on older devices. I have a sixth generation iPad it's only two and a half years old. Fix this please it has worked every year and it worked currently until your latest update. Please fix this..I'm so let down IPACS. IPACS Support