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    Thanks for your answer.

    What do you think of that :

    VelocityOne Flightstick pour le ciel, l'espace et les combats | Turtle
    Le VelocityOne™ Flightstick pour Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One et Windows PC vous offre des commandes précises et immersives, l'idéal pour les jeux de simulation…

    There is a review, here :

    (sorry, it's french, but a lots of Browsers are able to translate realtime)

    And there is an Android App, to map the Flight-stick...

    VelocityOne Flightstick - Apps on Google Play
    Use to customise your VelocityOne Flightstick settings from your mobile device

    I'm interested in opinion, if someone use it, and in Admin / developpers team advice, if any .

    Hi there, this my first "touch and go", here !

    Decades ago, i was used to fly FS2 on Atari 800XL, then FS3 on MsDos-PC, before going to fly for real in aeroclub.

    15 years later went out Flight Simulator 2000 from Microsoft.

    I bought it and was used to fly with a "Thrustmaster controller", also known as "T-Flight Hotas X V.2"

    I rapidly gave up, and have no game anymore on any PC.

    I went back to flight simulation few days ago, on Android, when i bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

    I tried to connect (with adapter) this old Thrustmaster "T-Flight Hotas X V.2"....

    and it is detected and can control parts of aircrafts commands, but anarchically.

    No way to remap the commands.

    So There is my question : Is there any Gamepad, or controller, officially approved for Aerofly FS2023 Android version, wich is supposed (or intent to) be fully compatible FS2023, or do you have an advice on which gamepad to buy ?

    Preferably for flight simulators, but if it doesn't exist specifically, i would take any advice on wich is the best gamepad for an Galaxy Tab S8 ultra (which is a 14" heavy tablet)

    Knowing that, regarding the price of S8 Ultra and his Keyboard cover, i'm ready to pay for the best.

    Sorry for my english wich is not the best of the world ;)