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    While downloading normally, some regions get stuck at 100% even though there is enough space and internet connection on the phone. What is the reason of this ?

    And physical effects should be added for this simulator. For example, camera vibration and shaking effects should be added when going landing or on the ground. (Like this)

    Effects like this can also be added when the plane enters turbulence during flight.

    I've never seen the lights drop so much fps in any other flight simulator. How did you do that so the lights drop the FPS in such a ridiculous way?

    I've played games with much higher graphics but I've never seen such low FPS.

    And the feeling of flight should be improved. Add camera vibration and sound effects on landing.

    There is no ground services, we can't even start at the gate, I wonder why the size is so high and the FPS is so low.