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    I think that the main issue here is that the simulator is relying on the axis value to check if the throttles are in the climb detent while it should rely on soft buttons 11 and 15, that are on when the two throttles are in the climb detent.

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) you mention in a previous comment that « The simulated detents have a bit of a deadzone so that it should fall right into the detent even if the input axis is a few percent off target. »

    I’m running aerofly fs2 on a mac with the tca airbus edition quadrant and my experience is that both throttles should be very precisely positionnes in the climb detent, unfortunately. It takes me a lot of time to do that, and more than often i also end up with a LVR ASYM notice on the PFD because the throttles are not perfectly aligned (we’re talking less than one millimeter here !).

    Is there a way to calibrate / specify the dead zone ?

    Thanks for your help


    I would like to assign one of my controller button to the A320 FCU button that switch between HDG V/S and TRK FPA modes (in order to easily display the BIRD on the PFD).

    I cannot find an option to do that from the Settings menu, but maybe there is a way to do that from a configuration file ?

    Thanks a lot for your help !