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    I have a T. Flight thrustmaster rudder and I can't get the Pitts to take off. This rudder works very well with other planes and I set it as less sensitive as possible with the TARGET software.

    Even if I put the throttle very slowly and am very light on the rudder pedals, the Pitts goes right, left, turns around, turns around halfway. In short, he is messing around.

    Is there a particular setting with or without TARGET to set up for the PITTS.

    Thanks for your help.

    I have a problem with terrain texture that disappears and reappears in strips.
    It looks like black "flying carpets". This happens in both normal mode and VR.
    Does anyone have any idea what causes this problem? This happens on all sceneries whether they are designed with aeroscenery or originals (DLC Europe)
    Thank you for your help