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    I'm not sure if that is a bug:

    A320: After passing the ACCEL HEIGHT, the plane bugs up for 250 knots

    even though slats are still out. This will cause overspeed if the slats are not
    retracted fast enough. Should the FMC target speed not be limited by
    the speed which the current flap setting allows?

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) Found a bug in the A380: Time skipping will increase the CRZ ALT, which is set in the FMC.
    I just took off with my CRZ ALT set to FL240 in the FMC, skipped some time, and suddenly the CRZ ALT
    was set to FL 431. If time skipping happens during CRZ, this behavior will put you back in CLB phase.
    PS: Entering a flight number will still delete the entire flight plan in the A380.

    If I'm at the RW and change the CRZ ALT in the navigation menu, should the CRZ ALT in the FMC and MCP adapt?

    I'm asking cause it's not happening in the A380. Actually: Even when starting a flight anew and setting a CRZ ALT,
    the plane makes up its one CRZ ALT after loading the flight.

    Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    I'm playing around with the AP of the UH-60 again and ask myself two things:

    1. If you capture a selected altitude using ALTP, should not the ALT button illuminate?

    2. The PFD always shows both FD bars
    even when the AP is neither controlling pitch nor roll axis. Is this correct?
    If it was for logic alone, it would make sense to me that the pitch FD bar only appears,
    if the AP controls pitch - for example when IAS is engaged - and the roll FD only when
    the AP controls the roll axis - for example when HDG is engaged.
    In the following pic the AP controls the altitude only via collective,
    yet both FD bars are shown.

    Maybe you could give me another good advise ;)

    I can't imagine to fly on a mobile phone but even if I wanted to, my old blackberry wouldn't let me ;).
    ...Speaking of Airliners: Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS) would it be possible to have yet another minor issue fixed?

    When starting from the RW, the B747 is not fully prepared for take-off like all other boeings of the SIM:

    - The CRZ altitude is not set in the FMC.

    - The CRZ altitude is not set in MCP.

    - LNAV is not armed.

    - VNAV is not armed.

    Oh, that I didn't know! I'm pretty new to Aerofly - coming from X-Plane 11. In this case, it would be totally worth re-implementing those garmin devices, I think. Indeed, the corresponding GA aircrafts currently feel somewhat incomplete without them...

    3. Editing the thrust reduction and acceleration height fields should already be editable in the Boeing FMCs. Is it no longer working?

    So this is my understanding:
    - Not until reaching the ACCEL HT, which is set in the FMC, VNAV will bug up speed beyond V2+20 (and the FD will act accordingly).

    - Not until reaching the THR REDUCTION, which is set in the FMC, thrust will switch over from TO to CLB.

    You can actually edit both values in the FMC, but the change has no effect
    since both values are still set to 1000 internally:

    As the screenshot shows, VNAV still bugs up speed at 1000 ft AGL and thrust is still reduced at 1000 ft AGL...

    I want to share a few more thoughts on the beta:

    1. I'm super happy about the update on the progress page!
    2. If I could make small wish:
      In the real Boeing FMC, pressing the VNAV button on the FMC, will automatically
      open the VNAV page of the ACT flight phase, as far as I can tell.
      So Let's say, you are in CRZ and press the VNAV button on the FMC,
      then it will take you to the CRZ page right away. This would come in quite handy!
    3. If I could make a bigger wish:
      It would be awesome to have THR REDUCTION and ACCEL HT implemented.
      Especially for the bigger birds I would often like to increase both to let's say 1500,
      so that the FD commands pitch-down a bit later, but changing the values doesn't impact the take off logic.
      I know this is more of an advanced feature, but I don't think it is too complicated
      since automated speed bug-up (ACCEL HT) and thrust-reduction (THR RED) are already modeled correctly,
      just that they are both triggered at a fixed value of 1000 ft AGL.
    4. The new time skipping menu could need a demonstration video on youtube :D.
      I can't quite get my head around it yet...

    Hi Jet-Pack (IPACS),

    great to see this major update!
    Just 2 small observations for now with regard to the B747:

    1. The time to T/D remains blank on the cruzing page (_ _ _ _Z/),
      even though it's shown on the progress page:
    2. Every 35 steps the baro-knob (Decision Altitude) makes a step of 9 instead of 10.
      Not shown on the screenshot above, but easy to reproduce by increasing the DA in the 747.

    Just to click on the field to enter the flight number
    will instantly delete the whole flight plan

    both inside the plane as well as in the navigation map.

    This happened to me after loading the plane in take off state.

    Ah, ok, thanks. Is the 737 the first Boeing from Aerofly? Like all others have a Boeing FMC. Or has the 737-500 this kind of FMC?

    It gives a lot of information while leaving out the basic ones like V-Speeds or the DIST to T/D.