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    Hey Jet-Pack (IPACS) Jan,

    during my second test/practice flight inside the default 737 I just noticed an issue which seems strange to me:

    I had increased the DH to 500 and pressed the little red button, which says "puch to set".

    Then, during final approach the new DH got announced correctly. However, as I descended down to 200 ft AGL

    the old (default) DH got announced as well. So basically two DHs got announced.

    Hi there,

    I did a flight with the 737 yesterday and some questions came up.
    So I wanted to open a thread for these and maybe more to come:

    1. The device marked in the picture below seems to be used in order to figure out V2.
      The ZFW, which is set there by default, does not seem to match with the ZFW of the FMC though:
      87080/2.2 = 39.581. Am I miscalculating?
    2. Would it not be better to have this device show weights in KGS?

    3. Does someone know the minimum flaps speeds for this 737?
    4. The FMC calculates a T/D. However there is no page in the FMC revealing the DIST to the T/D, is there?
    5. How do you figure out Vref for landing? I just used the table next to the device I mentioned,
      but these speeds seem to be meant for a heavier configuration...


    Hi Jan,

    it's me again. I discovered a strange issue with VNAV during climb phase:

    Shortly after take off the T/D moves towards

    the position of my plane, putting itself ahead of T/C.

    This causes VNAV PTH to engage during climb:

    B777 | VNAV Issue during Climb
    VNAV PTH engages during climb due to T/D moving ahead T/C

    This time my route was:

    After the T/D had passed me - I had just taken off -
    I could reengage VNAV SPD.

    It almost seems as if there was an additional false T/D...


    Update: It now makes sense to me that VNAV PTH engages due to the ALT constraint
    (4000A 7000B). Is it correct though that the T/D moves through me?

    Dear Jan,

    with regard to VNAV I wanted to report two observations,
    which I also recorded in the video below.

    I put the time marker just before the issue happened...
    If you need more info, you can just jump back. I tried to capture all necessary information.

    Issue with VNAV profile during descend
    ...shown in the LJ45

    1. In general the VNAV profile tends to jump back up in between waypoints, putting you low on profile.
      I guess this may be correct and might have to do with altitude constrains. However:
    2. If this happens in the Learjet 45, VNAV will initiate a climb.
      Is this correct or shouldn't VNAV hold the altitude until the profile comes back down?

    The issue got triggered after passing the waypoint "BETEN".

    This might actually be related to the LNAV issue I had reported a few days ago...
    When I had passed "BETEN", this waypoint jumps back ahead of me in the FMC.

    PS: Another minor thing: If you scroll down when selecting the VS, the value is decreased. Shouldn't that be inverted as usual?

    Hi Jan,

    thank you for your precise answers, which have clarified all my questions and even more:

    Now I also seem to understand, how to decelerate during active pitch-mode HVR VEL...

    I'm impressed and I feel like IPACS has done a very solid and detailed implementation of the UH's AP.

    Hello there,

    currently I'm studying the AP in the UH-60. Most things I could understand

    but some questions remain and I wanted to ask for your help:

    1. What exactly is the CPLD button used for?

    2. Where in the cockpit is the button, which corresponds with the shortcut to toggle the AP on or off?

    3. How (or under which conditions) can I engage the DECL mode?

    4. Does the AP feature the pitch-mode "HVR D" and if so, how could this be engaged at the end of an ILS APP?


    Hi there,

    since the big feature requests like fuel, weight, better weather and variable winds, animated water, ATC, GNS530
    and so on are certainly on the list of awareness already, I would like to propose some minor features,
    that would improve the SIM significantly in my opinion:

    • Navigation Screen
      • please allow to save Routs in order to reload them for later flights
    • FMC
      • fully unlock Direct-To functionality
      • Boeing: introduce DESC page
      • Fix LNAV issue with (I)-waypoints
    • Time skipping screen
      • show waypoints, T/C and T/D
      • By default skipping time should stop 10nm before T/D and not skip the T/D
      • Let the user drag the plane on the time-line allowing to also move back in time.
    • Moving Map (In-game map)
      • The default fleet of Aerofly is pretty awsome, however,
        planes like the Baron and the Cessna are missing some kind of GPS device.
        To compensate for that, I think, the in-game map needs to become more interactive and helpful:

        • please allow to move (drag) the map inside the window
        • In addition to NDBs and VORs the map should also show Localizers.
        • Allow the user to click on all Navaids to reveal
          • frequencies of NDBs and VORs
          • frequency and course of Localizers
    • Location Screen
      • show range rings around the green plane-symbol
      • "short Final" and "long Final" seem way too short
        • "Short Final" should be 6nm, "long final" 12nm at least.
      • It should be possible to drag the plane around on the map rather than having to click around.
    • Sound
      • Engine sounds can get super lush and too quiet I think when IDLE.
      • You can hardly hear wind in the cockpit.
      • Sound Settings?
        • ability to mix cockpit- versus outside sound...
    • Takeoff Config
      • The paring break should better be on.
    • Joystick Sensitivity
      • place the sensitivity slider below Airplanes inside the "Aircraft" screen
        and save the setting airplane-specific
    • HUD, also show:
      • current QnH & temperature
      • selected course (HSI)
      • "AP", "FD", depending on what is active
    • "START" Button (Main Menue)
      • should better be called "FLY" as it is used not only to start a flight but also to resume it
    • Menu UI
      • Tabs would be appreciated...
      • better cursor feedback, tooltips...
    • Scenery
      • I do miss Greece
      • All availabe Airports should have satalite-scenery.
        • I noticed that this is missing on the canarian islands.
    • A/T planes
      • please bypass the hardware throttle during active A/T mode like "SPD" or "N1"
    • Immersion
      • Wind is hardly noticable inside the cockpit compared to X-Plane.
      • There could be a bit more rumbling on the ground and maybe some kind of head-shake effect.

    I'll keep this list updated...


    PS: I noticed that those "(I)" waypoints cause the same problem on other routs too.

    I just tested another route with the A320, which by the way seems to be the best default Airliner I have ever flown in a SIM.