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    Yes, I made it.

    Not completely, because the top and bottom of the elevator are the same, but everything else ist fine.

    Any hint how to change the mapping?

    But we are fine to decide for the paint scheme to choose in the owner group ;)

    Not the first time model painting scheme was the decision for the large one, but maybe this is the first time a virtual RC model is used :)


    I am looking for the information if repainting the planes is possible or not.

    i can't get the information, some posts read like it is possible, some don't.

    in special I want to repaint the Swift S1 to do some studies for a good paint scheme.

    Repaint in any software welcome, but a simulator would be best to see real flight impression.

    Best of course would be RC9, but older ones are welcome also

    best regards,