Posts by aeros

    We know hard to create service vehicle there little bit more need physic but we waiting aslong as a published official in the game but there more something want for player for features.

    1.Since there no rain can you added to the game weather rain,storm,summer,snow and ect that wiper will be useful, and there will be weather radar and physic of falling rain and wingshield. Physic of wipering in wingshield while raining

    2. In a lot of game flight sim already have ATC. Can you add to game that we can communicate to ATC or ground crew or cabin crew which more realistic. If can open mic communication with Ai that will improve our pilot skilled of communicating English spoke.

    3. Easy can add this the airport sign which pilot helps to know where there taxing or location.

    4. Asian region, we know aerofly 1- 23 only have is Europe and us but some pilot want more region in other country that more long flight.

    5. Since you adding service vehicle add animation Ai ground crew like MFS fa and passenger.

    6. Added new camera angle.

    7. Smoke landing that to know if hard or butter landing.

    8.multiplayer playing with friend and Ai.

    9. Ai can taxing runway to the ramp or ramp to the runway.

    10. A330 aircraft or 350.

    I know it's hard to published this into a game but this feature will help to improve game and our captain happy flight and enjoying play a game. ;) ;) I hope developer read this...