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    In fact, the screen is wider but in no way interfered with the control of the throttle lever here on the display of my device. Regarding runway 36 in Frankfurt, it is selectable for both landing and takeoff. This headboard just doesn't have the number 36 inscription but it is normally selectable and I didn't find any problem with it other than the one I mentioned. Regarding the failures in the FMGC of the A380 that you mentioned, it is something that I will still investigate and try to reproduce and only then communicate to the developers.

    Hey there, to fix this issue with the camera lens being in the way on the Galaxy device, check the following OS settings that may help:

    1. Settings

    2. Display

    3. Camera Cutout.

    4. Scroll down the list to Aerofly and change from auto to hide camera cutout and it should fix the issue for you in the Aerofly app :)

    Onizuka Meant to tag you here too :) Hope this helps :)

    The Aerofly FS 2023 Android beta received an update today. A lot of the issues you reported should now be fixed, please check these and report back if there are still issues.

    • fixed black screens in tower view - please report if you see any
    • fixed A320 cold and dark should work again
    • fixed Navigation Fixes should work again
    • fixed C90Gtx CDU legs page removing flight plan discontinuities should now work
    • fixed B747, B777, B787 baro minimums are incremented by even 10ft steps
    • fixed B747, B777, B787 CDU thrust reduction and acceleration height can be changed
    • fixed B747, B777, B787 CDU progress page shows top of descent time
    • added B747, B777, B787 CDU VNAV page displays CLB, CRZ, DES page based on current flight phase
    • fixed A320 MCDU destination wind cheat (click DEST WIND field with empty scratchpad) works again and should now suggest correct magnetic wind direction and speed
    • fixed LJ45, Q400 and 737 CDU selection of approaches is possible again after selecting the arrival (STAR)

    Why is the 787 not on the list with fixes for that too? It can't keep altitude correctly and fails to follow appropriate ascent and descent patterns set for the route and ignores those levels substituting them for whatever it wants instead. It makes it so you're flying way too low way too soon. Brings you basically close to the ground at around 1,000 because it defaults your descent way more than the route says it is. Major issue makes it unflyable.

    I’ve also had this bug but it’s very easily fixable yourself by entering your desired cruise altitude into the aircraft’s autopilot panel. Seems like this overrides the setting in the navigation menu.

    That's all well and fine for those who use cockpit interaction, but many don't. Not being able to set this is highly problematic and needs to be fixed asap. The other thing that happens is the aircraft fails to descend to the appropriate level for the approach. It descends way too far to the point you're generally 1,000 feet above for a very long time way before you ever should be close to 1,000 feet. It's like it is miscalculating what altitude to go down to once the descent begins. This means that when you're flying if there were buildings that were actually showing in 3d, you'd be flying through them at many points. It's quite problematic.

    Idrive66: As for flight planning, can you give us exact details on how to reproduce the issue?

    For the graphical issues, are you using our OpenGL renderer or the Vulkan renderer. Vulkan isn't supported very well on a majority of deivces!

    As for the App file structure you mentioned, can you please be a little bit more specific. FS 2023 runs fine here on Android 13 without any issues, so we need more details.

    So reproducing the flight planning problems includes:

    1. Open flight planner.

    2. Select an airport for departure.

    3. Select your destination.

    4. Set your approach

    5. Add any other waypoints desired throughout the route.

    6. Try to adjust cruise altitude. Will remain at a set amount and not change at all.

    Multiple major bugs encountered:

    Experiencing major errors in flight planning. Setting the altitude for a flight always reverts to 4000 feet. Trying to override it just goes back to normal. It will occasionally default once you start the game to 43000 feet for some aircraft, but it largely is only letting you set it to 4000 feet in the planning stages.

    Having trouble with clouds rendering which is new. It's making them flash on and off all of a sudden.

    The sound is so poor quality and low bitrate especially when using Bluetooth headphones. Used to be a lot better.

    Map when purchasing

    App file structure is incorrect for Android 13 and fails to be able to be accessed to make any tweaks or anything individually because of new locks on ability to enter into the media folders and other in the android file system.

    The app does not request permissions but should be requesting permissions for media files access using the new android 13 permissions formats which would allow it to probably perform better in a variety of devices to resolve any conflicts. (App seems to be trying to occasionally access certain files it's not being allowed to because of this.)

    App fails to display under the settings menus new app data and cache sizes once additional data has been added such as the additional regions etc. Even though they're installed. This could again be because the app fails to request the appropriate level permission to operate properly. This also causes problems with graphics rendering.

    May also want to add permission to appear over other apps as well to resolve other conflicts with other programs on the devices.

    App should also be requesting appropriate level permission to run in the background too to allow background services to appropriately interface.

    App seems to be having trouble communicating with a variety of graphics components and system components especially in the Samsung Galaxy S21+.

    Os Info:

    Device: Samsung Galaxy S21+

    Model: SM-G996U

    One UI: 5.1

    Android: 13

    Google Play System Update: March 1, 2023

    Baseband Version: G996USQS5EWB3

    Kernel: 5.4.210-qgki-25911719-abcG996USQS5EWB3 #1 Thu Feb 23 21:07:37 KST 2023

    Build: TP1A.220624.014.G996USQS5EWB3

    Carrier configuration: 2.580001

    Android Security Patch Level: March 1, 2023

    If the aircraft lights are on, disable them in the menu it can increase your FPS

    Hey thanks for the response. They are currently off. I also purchased the northeast region add on and it says waiting for download constantly and never actually downloads. It is so frustrating honestly. drives me insane.


    I currently play AeroFly FS2 on my Samsung Chromebook Plus. It works really well on here without any issues at all. However I can't seem to get good enough FPS on Aerofly FS 2023 on the Chromebook. Anything other than FS2 seems to be an issue for some reason. Is it possible that I just don't have the right settings set to make it work better performance wise? I really love playing on the chromebook because it's portable and a bigger screen so it's much easier for me. (Chromebooks have Android if you're not familiar with the OS). I can generally play some really robust things on the chromebook without any issue at all so I'm sort of surprised at FS 2023 not working right as far as the FPS goes.