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    Because the fuel is not simulated the fuel values are still arbitrary.

    If this is ever implemented, can you make sure there's a setting in the settings menu to allow for arbitrary fuel again for those of us who may not want to deal with the fuel aspects? That would be a great thing to have so that we can still enjoy as we do now as far as fuel goes. :) Thanks for all you do! I never cease to be amazed by Aerofly especially on Android! Works great on my S24 Ultra on max settings!


    I currently play AeroFly FS2 on my Samsung Chromebook Plus. It works really well on here without any issues at all. However I can't seem to get good enough FPS on Aerofly FS 2023 on the Chromebook. Anything other than FS2 seems to be an issue for some reason. Is it possible that I just don't have the right settings set to make it work better performance wise? I really love playing on the chromebook because it's portable and a bigger screen so it's much easier for me. (Chromebooks have Android if you're not familiar with the OS). I can generally play some really robust things on the chromebook without any issue at all so I'm sort of surprised at FS 2023 not working right as far as the FPS goes.